Windfoil Carbon mast A1 Carbon

95cm - 100% Carbon - Deep Tuttle

A1 Carbon Mast

Carbon mast compatible with the Alpinefoil Windfoil range: A1 Race / A1 Sport / A1 Carbon / A1 Aluminium / REVO.
Integrated Deep Tuttle case - high performance RTeam carbon construction
Increased handling and stiffness, total length 95 cm - Basic Rake : 0.8°

Turn your current foil into a pure Freeride foil that is ultra-maneuverable, light and responsive.

All Alpinefoil masts are delivered with their fixing screws.

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989.00€ inc. tax


The current trend and craze for WINDFOIL has led us to offer you a Carbon mast that will be able to satisfy the followers of this practice but also be suitable for beginners with the coverage of a range of progression that is just breathtaking.

Our A1 Carbon mast is developed to give the maximum to the rider in all conditions. The shape designed to last, thick at the top for maximum rigidity and thinner at the bottom for better glide. More nervous than the A1 Aluminum version, this windfoil will bring exceptional sensations as well as precision and control in your navigation.

Combine this mast with our Windfoil Wing - REGATA 850 and you get the ultimate weapon to have fun in Freeride!

Also open the fields of possibilities with the prospect of a WINGFOIL use by combining it with our wings dedicated to practice.

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