Short Aluminium Mast for ACCESS / ORIGIN / EZEE / ALU HAWK

60cm - 100% Aluminium
Kitefoil / Wingfoil

(Sold without housing)
Warning, there are 2 types of profiles of masthead.
Make sure your products are compatible. 

Type A corresponds to the Access V1 and V2 first generation models; type B corresponds to the V2 second generation and V3.

Our 60cm masts have a type B profile, but can be machined to type A on request.

Its main function is to accelerate and facilitate the learning of the foil.

The short mast allows the board to fall flat in case of a stall and therefore the rider does not fall, ideal for beginners.

It also allows sailing in shallow water. 

All Alpinefoil masts are delivered with their mounting screws.

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