Mast V3 carbon 78 (us rail plate) New

Mat Pumping/ Dockstart / Downwind / Surffoil / Wingfoil Hawk V3 Carbon Plate 78 cm  compatible US Rail
( Mat only, without fuselage or fins ) fits all fuselages: Hawk, Rave, Ultimate , Titanium since 2014
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1920 dk1240 hawk v3 78 titane carbone 9226

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carbone mast 78 cm , dockstart, pumpfoiling, pumping, downwind, surfoil

Main features:

Mat length: 78 cm  also available in 86 cm and 95 cm 

  • Thickness 14 mm in drainage area 
  • Hydro profile: HAWK V3
  • Material: Available in two carbon versions:
    • HR High Resistance (recognizable by its White / Orange sticker)
    • HM High Modulous (recognizable by its Blue / Red / White sticker and UD High Modulus carbon band on the leading edge)
    • 38% greater rigidity between HR and HM versions (measured on test bench)
  • One-piece continuous-fiber plate: compatible with US track spacing: for easy installation.
    • No fiber breakage between plate and mast
    • no bonding between housing and mast
    • No fiber breakage on top of plate
  • Machined fuselage in aviation-grade aluminum with sacrificial anode for enhanced corrosion resistance (from the boating industry) or titanium fuselage
  • Compatible with all Alpinefoil wings since 2010 
  • Wide choice of Wingfoil wings Optimized for DW and RS wings
  • Compatible with kitefoil / Surf foil / SUP foil / Foil Pumping / Dockstart / WakeFoil
  • Made in France (in the Alps since 2007)

Alpinefoil MCF (Monobloc Continuous Carbon Fiber) technology:


  • The mast benefits from a "4-hole platinum" housing integrated directly into the mast fibers, making it lighter and stiffer than a conventional mast with a platinum bonded to a mast.
  • S-Shape AlpineFoil patent: the S-shaped anti-ventilation system allows the mast to move forward on the fuselage, avoiding any ventilation or stalling, whatever the sailing speed.
  • Advanced attachment point: The mast is positioned further forward on the fuselage, offering a more intuitive and natural curve. When the foil enters the curve, it follows naturally without pilot intervention, similar to a parabolic ski versus a straight ski.
  • 3D shape: The mast's shape has evolved along its entire length, with greater thickness on the body side for increased rigidity, while remaining 14 mm thinner on the fuselage side to enhance glide without compromising rigidity.


1920 dk1240 hawk v3 78 titane carbone 9222

High performance 78 cm mast for surfing , sup downwind and pumpfopiling

1920 pumpfoilng alpinefoil frenchfoil 0405
Wingfoil alpinefoil mat hawk 95 hm 9954
Wingfoil alpinefoil hawk v2 1 hm 0026


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