Wingfoil sail - OZONE Flux V1

The new Ozone Flux V1 made a dominant release, with Ozone team riders Johnny Heineken and Ken Adgate finishing respectively first and fourth at the recent Spring Wingding Regatta in San Francisco.
Indeed, Johnny has won 14 incredible victories out of 14 using Ozone’s new Flux V1 wing, which is not out yet.

Ken narrowly missed the podium, but was also very fast using Ozone’s new jewelry at every race. More than 60 of the best American foil runners attended the event, which has become a highly respected competition in the water sports racing community.

Johnny, who was world champion kite racing, now focuses on wing foil racing and is delighted with the performance of the Ozone Flux wing. What is even more impressive is that the Flux is not specifically designed for racing, but incorporates cutting-edge materials and aerodynamic knowledge acquired through Ozone’s 25 years of experience in the production of paragliding and kitesurfing wings, This makes it an exceptional wing and a real innovation in the world of wing foil.

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