Wingfoil sail - OZONE Fly V1

The Fly V1 is an Intermediate wing that is also perfectly accessible for those new to this sport. We took a modern design approach for the young and rapidly evolving wing market. Keeping things clean and simple the Fly is lightweight, quick to set up and easy to use. It is designed to make learning and advancing into wing propelled sports as easy and efficient as possible. Being lightweight and packing small the Fly is also an ideal travel wing.

  • User-friendly inflatable wing
  • Lightweight and packs small
  • ideal for travel
  • Compact and stable with efficient power
  • Easy set up : inflate and go

Any board, Any surface

The Fly V1 is suitable for riding any type of board on the water that has enough volume to support your weight. In strong wind conditions and with developed skills it is possible to ride with smaller volume hydrofoil boards. On the land or snow minimal wind is required to harness the natural energy to enjoy a different feeling of propulsion.

Fast Flow air valves

Fast Flow Air Valves on both the Leading Edge and Strut make inflation, deflation and packing a breeze.

Low Aspect and compact planform

A low aspect and compact planform reduces the tips from touching the water– a very handy feature when starting out through to riding waves.

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  • Manufacturer : Ozone

wingfoil OZONE SAIL FLY V1


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