Barrel Nuts M6 Deep Tuttle box Inox insert 10 x 15

Threaded insert for Windsurf Windfoil Kitefoil Deep Tuttle / Tuttle box (compatible with A1 Aluminum, REVO, A1 Carbon, A1 Race , A1 Sport and all foil brands using a 10 mm diameter and 15 mm length (the standard width of tuttle and deep tuttle boxes is 15.8 mm).

Stainless steel CNC-machined foil insert DEEP TUTTLE 15X10  M6 thread (compatible with WINDFOIL A1, A1 ALU, A1 CARBON, A1 SPORT A1 Race and all windfoil brands using a tuttle or deep tuttle with M6 thread diameter 10 mm length 15 mm . Stainless steel A4 - 316 L Resistant to the marine environment, Don't take any risks , for windfoils other than alpinefoil Replace your brass inserts with stainless steel inserts, ATTENTION !!!! Risk of breakage and loss of foil on brass inserts (sold individually)


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