Kitefoil adaptater 4 HOLE Aluminium Plate For Access 5.0

Platine Aluminium 4 trous, usinée CNC dans la masse (sans soudure), anodisation OAD, pour mât Alpinefoil Access / Origin / Ezee . Elle permet d'adapter le mât de l'Alpinefoil Access sur planches avec rail US 90mm entraxe idéal pour utiliser son foil existant en Wingfoil , …ou toute planche perçée de 4 trous avec entraxes compris entre 140mm et 165mm dans la longueur et 90mm dans la largeur. Entraxe: 165 x 90 (6.5" x 3.5") et 140 x 90 (5.5"x3.5")



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Profile mast head
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  • Maciej

    1 Maciej On 17/12/2017

    What is the width between the holes?

    damchab On 18/12/2017

    hello the distance between holes is on the Aluminium plate is the common standard: 165 x 90 mm (6.5" x 3.5" ) and 140 x 90 mm (5.5" x 3.5")
  • maciek0307

    2 maciek0307 On 11/12/2017

    what is exact distans from the center of bolt hole to another?
    I would appreciate your help with this.

    damchab On 11/12/2017

    Hi Tomasz, Thanks a lot for your comment , the distance is: 90 mm x 140mm to 90 x 165 The holes are long slot so you can move from 140 to 165
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