M6 M8 T-Nuts for foil with plate to board with US Rail

Set of self-locking US Rail Tnuts M6 Amount : x4

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Screw head
Screw length

Set of nuts for self-locking US Rail M6 or M8 for fixing foils to plate
New Alpinefoil innovation.

COMPATIBLE with all boards and foils on the market. (Wingfoil, Kitefoil, surf foil,) multi brand: Alpinefoil, Fanatic, F-One, Duotone, Moses, Cabrinha, Zeeko, Axis, ...
whether the plate of your foil uses M6 or M8 these nuts are compatible, they have both M6 and M8 threads

These nuts have been specially designed to facilitate the installation of the 4-hole plate in the US Rails of your board.

Who hasn't lost their nuts in the sand at least once?

Who hasn't spent 10 minutes trying to match the holes in the plates with the holes in the nuts?

Who has not lost their positioning settings for their foil on the board?

AlpineFoil nuts have been designed to solve all these problems

What does it bring?

The rear rail nut slides with the front nut at the same time (ideal when you want to change your settings without wasting 10 minutes making everything coincide)
Once connected, the nuts cannot come out of the rail, it is impossible to lose them during transport
Possibility to lock a foil position on the board that suits you (you no longer lose your settings each time the foil is removed)
Double thread M6 and M8 nut compatible with all foils on the market, Example: AlpineFoil M6, F-One M6, Duotone M8, Fanatic M8 etc.

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