Stabilizer HA 165 - Wave - Speed

Surface: 165 cm2
Span: 350 mm
Carving, Wave, Speed

Profile: RS2024
Construction: 100% carbon + Airex

Manoeuvrability: ++++
High-speed stability: ++++

Level: intermediate / advanced

High-performance carbon carving and speed stabilizer for improved handling and glide: Windfoil, Wingfoil, Kitefoil, Surf, SUP  


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hydrofoil Carbon WINDFOIL FOIL wingfoil

The HA 165 Stabilizer

The HA 165 Stabilizer is a new stabilizer designed to improve performance in Wingfoil, Windfoil, Kitefoil, Surf foil, SUP foil. It is compatible with all Alpinefoil foils and some other brands of foil thanks to its universal 29 mm spacing.


  • Surface: 165 cm2
  • Wingspan: 350 mm
  • Profile: RS2024
  • Construction: 100% Carbon Prepreg + Airex
  • Finish: carbon varnish anti UV
  • Weight: 


Initially, we were looking for a new stabilizer to optimize the performance of the RS600. Although the stabilizers already in production offered good performance and satisfactory behavior, our tests revealed that it was possible to further improve the RS600 with a more suitable stabilizer.

We therefore undertook a series of tests to design a new stabilizer. We explored two different concepts: a slender stabilizer and a compact stabilizer with thin ends. In reality, we were working on two distinct concepts for two different practices. In addition to the stabilizer for the RS600, we had the objective of designing a stabilizer to improve the maneuverability of all our wings, small and large.

During the tests of the prototypes, we found that the stabilizer initially intended for carving offered the best performance.

We therefore decided to pursue this path by manufacturing several prototypes with exactly the same outer contour and the same surface, but with different profiles. Then, a series of tests was carried out by varying the curvature at the ends.

This series of tests on the same stabilizer of the same surface with different profiles highlighted the importance of the choice of profile. The profile chosen for this stabilizer is the RS2024 profile of the RS600.


The result was impressive: a significant gain in speed and longitudinal stability while maintaining excellent maneuverability.

The benefits of the HA165 are:

A significant gain in maneuverability

Increased responsiveness

  • A reduction in the turning radius (useful in wave)
  • Longitudinal stability (for a stabilizer of this size)
  • Progressiveness: good longitudinal control (no sudden rise or fall)
  • A significant gain in glide
  • Stability in gusts and accelerations
  • Compatibility with all Alpinefoil wings and all our foils
  • Optimal setting at: 0°


In conclusion, this stabilizer offers increased maneuverability on all the wings of the Alpinefoil range, especially the DW1680, DW1370, Regatta1100, but it also improves the small sizes DW980, DW750, Regatta850 and of course the RS600. It increases the glide of each wing while offering longitudinal stability and progressiveness in turns. It improves stability and control at high speed. It can be used in Wingfoil as well as in Kitefoil, Windfoil, SUP and Surf.

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