Windfoil A1 SPORT Carbon SL

Windfoil AlpineFoil A1 SPORT SL
NEW Fuselage 105 cm Carbon Regata Wing: 1100, 850, 580, Freeride 1200 + RTeam Race Carbon Stabilizer
Case Deep Tuttle.
From beginner to expert level

Windfoil AlpineFoil A1 SPORT CARBONE SL:
Carbon mast 97cm useful.
Carbon M40J High Module
NEW Fuselage "SL" 105 cm - Carbon Regata Wing: 1100, 850, 580, ULW 1200, Carbon RACE Stabilizer RTeam.
Monobloc Deep Tuttle Box integrated into the mast
Adjustable rake (0°,0.8°,1.5°)

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Why to choose the windfoil AlpineFoil A1 SPORT CARBON?

Plus 20px​ High modulus carbon mat M40J - 97 cm / 103cm total
      (better stiffness / fineness of profile ratio)

Plus 20px​ ULTIMATE Sliding and Rigidity

Plus 20px​ 105 cm fuselage - (new fuselage 2022 center modified + rigidity)

Plus 20px​ Race carbon stabilizer as standard

Plus 20px​ Adjustable rake 0 °, 0.8 °, 1.5 ° (mat board angle)

Plus 20px​ Carbon effort recovery plate (optional)

Plus 20px​ unique anti-corrosion system (SACS) by Sacrificial Anode

Plus 20px​ FRDS technology by AlpineFoil

Plus 20px​ Ultra Light Wind optimization with the ULW 1200 full carbon wing

Plus 20px​ Evolution carbon wings 1200,1100,1000, 900, 800, 700, 580, 400

Plus 20px​ Accessible to all

Plus 20px​ Freerace / Freeride


Kitefoil Windfoil Madeinfrance

AlpineFoil now offers a new generation carbon windfoil, The Carbon A1 Sport SL.

The A1 carbon SPORT offers you the opportunity to step up a gear and combine the performance of an ultra light foil with the glide of a race foil and the ease of a freeride foil.

This is the compromise that we all, passionate about gliding, are looking for!

(For all to know contact us +33 4 58 00 57 80 or let yourself be tempted by a small test)

This package includes: RTeam carbon wing of your choice + Race RTeam full carbon stabilizer, 97cm / 103cm mast (with box) Carbon RTeam with integrated Deep Tuttle housing, 5-axis CNC machined aluminum fuselage, sacrificial anode, GIS shims , A4 Torx mounting hardware.

* SACS : Sacrificial Anode anti-Corrosion System
   FRDS : Fuselage with Reduced Drag System

Windfoil AlpineFoil A1 SPORT / A1 RACE


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