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Windfoil AlpineFoil REVO Alu - Carbon Wing: Freeride 1000 + Carbon Stabilizer - Deep Tuttle Box, Power Box, Tuttle Box, 4 Holes Plate
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Wingfoil alpinefoil web 33 4568 x 1524

Windfoil AlpineFoil REVO


The foil that's Revolutionizing Windfoil

Level beginner to advanced

Front fenders:
Carbon FREERIDE Cruise 1250 (1250 cm²)
Carbon FREERIDE Cruise 1450 (1450 cm²) 
Carbon Performance Regatta 850 (850 cm²)
Carbon Performance Regatta 1100 (1100 cm2)

Stabilizer: Windfoil Large carbon BSC

Fuselage: Long 90 cm cnc machined

Mast: 87 cm Extruded aluminum
(Anodized inside + out)

Housing: Deep Tuttle Box,Tuttle Box, Power Box or Platin 4 holes.

For non-foil-specific Tuttle housings, we recommend these accessories: 

Deck Plate carbon + 29 euros /piece (deck carbon plate)
Hull Plate carbon + 47 euros /piece (hull carbon plate)


Alpinefoil revo1200 38412

Windfoil Alpinefoi : which one to choose ?


Why choose AlpineFoil REVO windfoil?


Plus 20px Price / Quality

Plus 20px Made in France

Plus 20px Wings and stabilizer 100% Carbon 

Plus 20px Freeride wing 1250 cm2  (BSC)

Plus 20px Fuselage long 90 cm CNC machined

Plus 20px High-performance aluminium mast 87 cm

Plus 20px Compatible with all boards on the market
       Deep Tuttle, Tuttle, Powerbox,  turntable

Plus 20px Performance in the light wind  and strong wind

Plus 20px Accessibility / ease of learning

Plus 20px easy to jibe

Plus 20px 8 wing incidence shims

Plus 20px Mat compatibility

  • A1 Alu

  • A1 Carbon

  • A1 Sport

  • A1 Race

Plus 20px Compatible with all Alpinefoil wings 






This foil will enable all windsurfers to start foiling at a lower cost. The REVO will be the ideal wind foil for learning, progression and, why not, performance. It has all the ingredients of a quality foil, with the added bonus of incredible upgradability. (mast, wing, housing) and French know-how.

Its 87 cm mast and 90 cm fuselage have been carefully crafted to deliver exceptional value for money. Made in France, we've worked on our production techniques and methods, taking up the challenge of building a French foil with carbon wings that's less expensive than the Asian products distributed by the major brands.


If you believe in Made In France and think that supporting French industry and craftsmanship is essential! Then put your trust in us.

The Revo incorporates all the Alpinefoil technical basics that have made the brand and the A1 range so successful. For example, the mast is identical to the A1 Alu foil but shorter, and the fuselage is still machined from a single block of aluminum for maximum rigidity. The Revo has a long fuselage length of 90 cm, essential for stability, and the aluminum mast is ultra-rigid, with an embedding common to all Alpinefoil windfoils: A1 Alu, A1 Carbone, A1 Sport, A1 Race. Alpinefoil has made no compromises on materials: the wings are 100% carbon, with a simplified finish called BSC for the Cruise 1250 version.

For this foil, Alpinefoil offers you the basic 1250 cm2 Cruise 1250 wing, based on the concepts of the ULW1200 wing (Best SELLER Windfoil for its incredible versatility in terms of accessibility, super-low range, easy jibing and exceptional behavior in strong winds). Alpinefoil's carbon wings are ultra-light and resistant thanks to Air technology. This technology is based on materials only available in France and Europe.

Although the Revo comes standard with a Deep Tuttle box, it can be adapted to all boards on the market, including freeride boards fitted with Tuttle Powerbox or 4-hole decks. Non-foil-specific boards can also be fitted with optional carbon force plates.

There are two types of plate: the carbon Deck Plate placed on the deck, and the Hull Plate placed under the board's hull. These plates relieve stresses on the body by taking up the stresses on the deck and hull. This system has been tried and tested for two years now, and works perfectly on non-windfoil boards.



Which AlpineFoil should I buy? How to choose the right foil for your level: beginner, advanced, expert? How much does it cost? New or used? Click here to contact us.



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