Kitefoil Pocket Carbon Pro Foilboard 3.8" x 18'.5

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"The bet of lightness is won, with a weight on our balance of only 1.94 kg.
By far the lightest board of our tests!"

 - Kiteboarder Magazine - no. "Special Tests 2022"

Alpinefoil Pocket Kitefoil Pro carbone

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The Pocket Carbon Pro, the lightest board ever

For this new season, AlpineFoil launches a brand new ultra light range.
After having released the Rave Air 80 and the Rave Air 100 in aluminum and titanium version, AlpineFoil goes to the end of the concept and develops a latest generation board: the Pocket Pro Carbon 112.
Coupled with the Rave Air 80 Alu, one of the lightest foils on the market (2.1 kg), and thanks to this featherweight, we get an ultra light foil/ board set at 4.2 kg.

This project, in gestation for several years, has finally reached maturity, thanks to a long work in Research & Development.
This particular board 100% made in France has prompted us to review all our manufacturing methods to focus on the essential. So we eliminated all the redundancies and turned to our suppliers to determine a specific specification.

The main manufacturing criterion being of course the weight, we determined together the materials to be used, such as a special lightweight and resistant core, and of course we opted for a small format of foilboard: 112 x 47.

The result is convincing: this ultra light board will bring the rider unique driving sensations.

That’s why AlpineFoil, which places innovation at the heart of its concerns, is proud to present the brand new Pocket Carbon Pro, entirely made in France, in our workshop located at the foot of the Alps.


Innovation at the service of the rider

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  • Materials

This board is the result of a long cooperation with our French suppliers.
We had to draw up our specifications with their help to find materials that were as light as possible and capable of withstanding high temperatures and high pressures.
After several years of exchange and research, we were finally able to find the best materials to carry out our project.

The company is constantly seeking to innovate, which is why we have just developed a completely new manufacturing method in the design of boards: Carbon Air technology.
Inspired by the aeronautics and Formula 1 circles, the construction of this foil board is made with 100% pre-preg carbon.

Carbon equipped with this technology is complicated to work with but was essential for us to achieve our goals.
Indeed, being coated in the factory, this carbon has only 33% of its resin volume against 100% during a manual application. The less resin there is on the carbon, the lighter it stays. This makes it possible to put more carbon layers and obtain much better mechanical performance. It should also be noted that this impregnation in the factory ensures a perfect tightness of the board.

In addition, AlpineFoil uses a high-end carbon fiber: thanks to this special fiber, we gain so much in performance that we can reduce the amount of carbon and thus further reduce the weight of the board.
To follow this logic of weight reduction, we obviously tried to focus on the essentials of the board and we removed all the artifices, like the varnish, the superficial sealants and the pads; the gain in lightness proved to be very important. 

Thus, the Carbon Air technology developed by AlpineFoil is only the result of a perfectly balanced alliance between a high-end pre-preg carbon and a very specific core that is lighter to the maximum but ultra resistant.

Finally, let’s point out that the fabrics we use are cut in our own workshop, where we manufacture the whole board. This elaboration in our premises allows a precise control of the solidity of the product as well as a real control of its performances.

  • The Shape

The shape of the Pocket Carbon Pro is fully CNC-machined for complete control of the product geometry.
Indeed, the volume of the board is reduced to a minimum, each centimeter must be exploited and optimized to 100%.
This pocket litrage has been studied for a long time for a perfect distribution of volumes in order to guarantee the rider an unprecedented driving quality and an excellent flotation.

One of the biggest assets of this foil board remains its double concave hull:

 - It avoids the suction effect and therefore slows down in the event of a touch

 - Makes it easier to stay stable

 - Significantly improves acceleration and take-off

The board also features a concave bridge for absolute control in strapless, new generation reversed rails that greatly facilitate jibes as well as a double-level powder ski rocker.
Finally, it is equipped with a KF-Box carbon housing with four conical faces to always catch the game and enjoy a foil/ board set well rigid.

The Pocket Carbon Pro, a synthesis of a long research work and numerous exchanges with our employees, leaves nothing to chance.
This meticulously crafted foil board is the perfect blend of performance and lightness.

AlpineFoil reinvents piloting

Thanks to its light weight, the Pocket Carbon Pro will bring the rider completely new and unique sensations during riding.
However, its lightness does not alter its mechanical performance and rigidity, quite the contrary.
We always make it a point to make the rider happy with the reliability of our products.
This is why AlpineFoil has opted for Made in France manufacturing: we can control the physical and mechanical properties of the board from A to Z and thus guarantee a high quality product to the customer.

The Pocket Carbon Pro will be the ideal board for the freestyle, wave and cruising rider:
Its ultra-light weight and small size give it an outstanding maneuverability.


You will have in your hands the most maneuverable and aerial board of the entire Alpine range.
The Pocket is particularly effective in low-speed manoeuvring and curve placements.
The mastery is perfect and the placement is done quickly and accurately.
Moreover, in strapless, the control on the tips will be optimum.

Nevertheless, you will still remain on an accessible toy that promotes progression,
even if it requires some experience.
Its pocket volume has been studied at length to be as tolerant as possible
so that the rider always takes pleasure in sailing.

Thus, the small mistake will not be fatal:
The hull and rails were specifically designed to prevent the pilot from losing balance on touchdowns.
The tracks were also designed to help as much as possible to make jibes.

This very intuitive board also has an excellent low speed range start thanks to its double concave hull that facilitates acceleration and take-off.

Finally, we must address its exceptional comfort: 
The use of the Pocket, which can be strapless or strapless, is extremely reassuring:
Thanks to the carbon fiber that creates excellent foot grip,
The rider will then feel much more confident during his navigation.

The Pocket Carbon Pro promises you a comfortable and secure driving while being powerful and rich in thrills.

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