Pocket board KItefoil Pro Carbon

A new ultra-innovative pocket kitefoil 100% made in France 112 cm x 47 cm, one-piece KFbox, concave deck, double concave hull in the bow of the boat, inverted rail Ultra Light (1.9 kg + - a few grams), 100% carbon prepreg construction + Airex HD core optional footstraps insert. The techno of foil wings in a pocket.

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A new ultra-innovative pocket foilboard  100% made in France

Alpinefoil innovates and presents its new pocket foilboard  no volume 100% carbon prepreg built like a foil wing

It took 10 years for AlpineFoil to start building a no volume board again. In fact, it was in 2011 that the first 20mm Airex no volume board was produced by AlpineFoil.

This project is the culmination of two years of development and maturation

The stake was not to bring one more pocket foilboard  in the middle of the kitefoil but to really bring something new,
the specifications for this board were to bring out a board, solid, light (1.9 kg + - a few grams.) with new sensations

We also absolutely wanted a concave deck like our kitefoilboard with volume,
Inverted rails on the hull and a double concave for the water touch 

Last point, this board absolutely had to be ultra rigid

Only with a 20 mm core all this is almost impossible, with 20 mm thickness, even with carbon the board is not completely rigid, the thickness is insufficient to be able to hollow out the volumes and generate the concaves

The solution was to completely revise the usual production method for this type of board, to design a shape that would allow it to meet stiffness constraints and use prepreg carbon.

The daring choice was to use the method of manufacturing foil wings for a pocket

Unfortunately this techno has a cost, it is also disproportionate for the manufacture of a board. The mold weighs more than 200 kg, and will have required more than 3 weeks for its machining and its in-house production.

Today the result is there and we were right to make this choice

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