Pocket board KItefoil Pro Carbon

Ultra-innovative pocket kitefoil, Ultra Light (1.9 kg
100% carbon - 112 x 47
made in France

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Alpinefoil Pocket Kitefoil Pro carbone

"The bet of lightness is won, with a weight on our balance of only 1.94 kg.
By far the lightest board of our tests!"

 - Kiteboarder Magazine - N°"Special Tests 2022"

Magazine test kiteboarder 2022


Pocket kitefoil Full Carbon,

Ultra Light (1.9 kg)

A new ultra-innovative Pocket kitefoil 100%  made in France

Alpinefoil Innovates and presents its pocket board, no volume, 100% carbon pre-preg, built in a same way as a foil wing.

It took 10 years for AlpineFoil to once again embark on the construction of a no-volume board.
In fact, it was in 2011 that the first no volume board in Airex 20 mm was produced by AlpineFoil.
This project is the culmination of two years of development and maturation, but especially of ten years of experience in manufacturing foil wings in pre-preg carbon.

The challenge was not to bring another pocket in the middle of the kitefoil but to really bring something new, the specifications for this board was to take out a board, solid, light (1.9 kg  +/- a few grams.) with new sensations.

We also absolutely wanted a concave bridge like our boards with volume, 
Inverted rails on the hull and a double concave bridge to counter the little scratches.

Last point, it was absolutely necessary that this board be ultra rigid:

With a core of only 20 mm thick, all this seems almost impossible, with 20 mm of thickness, even with high-end carbon the board is not totally rigid, the thickness is insufficient to be able to dig the volumes and generate the concave necessary for its behavior.

The solution was to completely review the usual production method of this type of board and thus to model a form that allows to meet the stiffness constraints while using pre-preg carbon. 

The bold choice was to use the foil wings building method for a pocket board, but it’s a resounding success!

Unfortunately this technology has a cost, it is moreover disproportionate for the manufacture of a board.

The aluminium mold weighs more than 200 kg, and took more than 3 weeks to be machined and manufactured in-house. 

Today the result is there, and we were right to make these bold choices.

Read the full presentation of the Pocket Pro Carbon here

Kaf Banjoo

Kaf Banjoo

Kitefoiler WIngfoiler

I can resign ++ what I wrote at the end of October (Put the sound for a small return to the image that moves commented after additional test in warm water)
 "Sugar would be very, very addictive according to certain studies, I have greatly reduced it. In terms of shape, it's much better. ? On the other hand, I made a mistake! Serious mistake of trying an incredible rusk twice: Bim addiction! Today 2:30 of shooting with the "Pocket procarbon” AlpineFoil. With less than 2kg and an incredible rigidity, I can be affirmative: Do not try it! Sometimes there are sensations of good forwards, evolutions so clear that they allow you to feel the precision of the movement, to imagine other ways of doing things for you, at your level.As the Flysurfer Soul had redefined the way of sailing in Foil whatever the level, this board is disconcerting because it opens up possibilities. Its light weight, its rigidity, its absence of pads made me feel the support directly as an extension of the body (and again I regretted having put on the slippers). It goes without saying that the curves can be engaged because they are precise! sensations it's a bit like finding THE pair of skis that are one body in the curve, the reminder of the perfect Burton board for a smooth precise Vitelli or the pair of Telemark with which your free heel and your front foot have all direct news… all the sensations too. In short, the big shot! But the worst part is that even without a racing foil, things are progressing terribly! what control! I had put on straps (a first for a long time in kitefoil ?) in order to do some flights like Fred Joly or Hugo Chaboud (with H/2 ?). Simple, Basic… lightness on take-off and ease of landing even during back loops when I never foil jump! The most significant thing is the responsiveness. A more contracted toe in support: hop it turns! The worst is that she is tolerant in the touches. For speed, even if it's not basically a race board, this pocket does not move when the sushi machine is thrown at full speed! A real very very good Swiss army knife! In short, 1.8 kg of hard drug: do not try! Congratulations AlpineFoil for this toy of the future! (I was on a SOUL 10 flysurfer.. always magical! In short, a happy session with grazing lights at the end of the day. For sure Addicted to this biscotte #madeinfrance #hydrofoil #kitefoil #kitefoiling #kitesurf "

Patrice T

Patrice T

Kitefoil Rider

I received the board yesterday and tried this morning. Surprise, the grip was almost immediate.

Easy waterstart for a pocket. Very direct driving requiring a bit of acclimatization but ultimately pleasant despite the absence of a pad.
I made a comparison with my FOIL BOARD SKATE PRO from GR------(110 Cm ) which is much more difficult and sticks more to the water at the waterstart or when touching;
Overall therefore very satisfied during this first navigation in Rave titanium 1000 with a lift 1000

Max Wolf

Kitefoil Rider

Hello riders, here is the feedback I can give you on this board.
For my history at Alpine, I started on an Access V3 in 2017, then moved on to an Ultimate in 2018 and finally to the Zenos titanium in 2021, all coupled with the VR7 race board
Before buying the Pocket, I had called Damien to be sure that I could use the Pocket in Race mode with the Zenos, without compromise. He told me go for it and I understand better why now!
The board is so light and stiff that even with the Zenos 110 mast, I haven't found the limit yet... it accelerates hard, it's super light and responsive!
I first tested it with the 700 RLW wing. Since the foil+board combo weighs less than 5 kilos, it starts quickly in planning because it lifts very quickly. it already works quickly without forcing.
Then I mounted the 580 wing on it and there... I went into another world!!!! Vmax at 35 knots, Departure on schedule in 7 knots (in Flysurfer Soul 10m² so without much sail)

In short, it's the foil board I've always been waiting for, ultra light, rigid and above all magnificent on the finish! As beautiful as a custom


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