Kitefoil FS3-XS Freestyle Freeride Foilboard 3.9 x 18.5 - 20 liters

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Kitefoil FS3-XS Freestyle Freeride Foilboard 3.9 x 18.5 - 20 liters

«The real Skateboard»

The skater background of some members of the team has convinced us of the advantages of a shape that is as close to it as possible.

This special pocket board is equipped with a sophisticated construction and a minimum volume ideally placed to guarantee tolerance and pleasure in the progression. The FS3-XS, smaller than the FS3, takes all the advantages of a pocket board by pushing accessibility to its maximum. The experienced rider or the talented beginner who wants to ride in waves, freestyle and cruising will be delighted. The FS3, is characterized by its handling and its homogeneous and precise behavior. In strapless the foil board is glued to the feet and is quickly placed in the curves.The pronounced concave provides perfect control, sharp and sharp curves. It is a product as radical as it is intuitive with a strong penchant for aerial and vertical moves.It comes in XS version for even more compactness, more technical, it will find its place under the feet of an experienced rider.

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The characteristics

- Its volume of 19 L for dimensions of 119 cm 47 cm makes the FS3-XS a board with high flotation capacity and extreme manoeuvrability. This exclusive and redesigned shape makes the FS3-XS particularly accessible, extremely efficient during low-speed maneuvers, and promotes low-range departures.

- Its Hull with a pronounced double concave allows to avoid the suction effect that one encounters on the classic hull boards. This results in faster acceleration, a smoother take-off, and allows you to stay stable and maintain your speed during touchdowns. Its powerful acceleration is amplified by a distribution of volumes on the rear and front, giving it an exceptional ability to float, allowing it to start easily and without sinking, even for large riders.

- Its next-generation progressive inverted rails allow for easy and effective jibes, and limit the impact of touch-ups during high heeling events such as loss of control and stall.

- Its high concave bridge allows absolute control over the toe tips during strapless sessions.

- Its design, identical to other foilboards in the Alpinefoil range, gives it optimal rigidity.

How our boards are built

The construction is based on a closed-cell, low-density EPS core.
Thanks to this core and the modern robotic machining techniques, it is possible to produce complex shapes that allow for an exceptional board feel.

  • Concave deck
  • Inverted rails for the cottage
  • Double rocker spatula
  • double concave hull
  • Perfect integration of the KF-Box double screw taking the efforts between bridge and hull.
  • Stiffness 200% greater than a board without volume.

Indeed rigidity is paramount on a foil board because it is she who transmits the orders of the pilot. A lack of rigidity generates a pumping effect between the foil and the board which makes the piloting complicated and limits the control as soon as water is agitated or that one seeks to accelerate.

The core is then dressed:

fiber glass
a PVC-coated airex sandwich that gives it a resilience property. This sanwich creates a hard shell around the kernel and allows for session-by-session efforts. It makes it possible to limit the depressions related to falls and to avoid so-called "fatigue" ruptures.
of carbon T700, arranged along 3 axes with recovery efforts on the housing to face the constraints of the foil
a high quality epoxy resin involved in the development of all these composites.
The choice fell on this resin for its incomparable mechanical properties and its non-solvent base less aggressive for the environment.


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Its fields were reinforced with Airex and then covered with carbon.

Its wide and comfortable pads allow precise contact with the board.

Its polyester finish and bi-component paint are covered with UV-resistant polyurethane varnish.

On deck, a layer of Airex, a closed-cell material characterized by extreme tolerance to damage, strengthens the foot support area.

Its 32 inserts for Alpinefoil footstraps placed at the front and rear allow multiple combinations of foot placement. One, two, or three footstraps, placed straight or in V, loose or adjusted as close as possible to the feet, will personalize the ergonomics of this foilboard according to the level, the type of practice, the conditions of navigation, the morphology and preferences of the pilot. The positioning range of the footstrap is 15 cm at the front and 10 cm at the back.

We have chosen modern, high-tech materials over other, more classic and less expensive ones to design a high-quality, high-performance and original foil board that is as well suited to your foil progression.

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