Wingfoil wing - Cruise 1450


Inspired by years of experience in foil profile and wing design, the Cruise 1450 is the result of Alpinefoil’s innovations.

Level : Beginner+
Debrouillard to Expert

Program : Wing foil
      adaptable Wind foil

Surface : 1450 cm²

Wingspan : 89 cm

Rectangle 1






With its 89 cm wingspan the cruise 1450 Wingfoil is part of the wings with high/moderate ratio, a significant lift with a very high level of handling and glide. (some even compare its glide to that of a 950 and its lift with that of a 1450) 

The Cruise 1450 has a totally innovative wing profile, specifically designed for the wingfoil in the digital wind tunnel, its profile brings a very high drag/slide ratio.

Thanks to its performance and versatility, the Cruise 1450 will suit lovers of freeride, cruising, wave and even pumping!

Fichier 3 100
Gros plan 1451
  • Made from 100% carbon, it retains the strength and rigidity of its olders sisters
  • A high quality RTEAM finish signed Alpinefoil
  • A completely new profile in the world of Wingfoil (designed by Alpinefoil for this practice)
  • Possibility to adapt the wing to the practice of the Windfoil
  • Perfect for freeride, cruising and wave
  • Ideal in a very wide wind range, from light to strong regardless of the water surface
  • Excellent handling
  • High drag/slide ratio 
  • Designed for very high performance in light developing high apparent wind in the sail 
  • Excellent wind lift 
  • Very Large speed range






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