Alpinefoil regatta series2


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Wingfoil wing - Cruise 1450

Carbon wing Cruise 1450 - Wingfoil program, which wing to choose to start the wingfoil? Discover the new Cruise 1450 by Alpinefoil

Windfoil Wing - ULW 1200

Which wing of windfoil to buy? ULW 1200 wing: the best solution to easily learn the wind foil. Start windsurfing on foil, even in ultra light winds.

Kitefoil Surf foil Wing - Wave 1200

The AlpineFoil Wave 1200 wing: the ideal wing for learning or to navigate in ultra light wind, wave surf, transition, everything seems easy.

Kitefoil Wing Wave 700

Which wing to buy? How to make the right choice ? The AlpineFoil Wave 700 is the perfect kite foil wing for wave, freeride or carving.

RLW 700 Race Light Wind wing

Which wing to choose in kite foil? What wing choice for wind foil? The RLW 700 Alpinefoil, the perfect wing for freeride and light wind race.

Wing Race M 580 - Race Wing Medium

How to choose a wind foil or kite foil? Opting for the Race M 580 is the choice of versatility. From light winds to strong winds in kites, and from medium winds to very strong winds, this kite will appeal to fans of race, cruising, carving, freestyle or freeride.

Wing RACE 400

Which wing of kite foil to choose? The Alpinefoil Race 400 wing is the perfect breed wing, but it is also at the top in carving, freeride and cruising.

Kitefoil Wing LIFT 800

Alpinefoil LIFT 800 Wing for Kitefoil / Windfoil Ideal for Light Wind, initiation, freeride and wave, carbon manufacturing Made In France

Sport / Light Wind Race Wing

Which wing of kite foil to buy according to its level? The Sport 470 from Alpinefoil, the perfect freeride and cruising wing, will also satisfy carving and racing fans.

GT 480 Speed Freeride Kitefoil Wing

Which wing of kitesurf on foil to buy? The kite foil GT 480, perfect for freeride and freestyle, but also for carving.