RLW 700 Race Light Wind wing






The RLW is an elegant wing that combines performance, pleasure, comfort and stability.

For this brand new project, Alpinefoil has imposed extremely strict specifications where no compromises have been made to the detriment of performance:

  • 100% Race Wing
  • Out of the ordinary upwind
  • Excellent low speed range
  • Optimum stability for accessible performance
  • Precise trajectory at all navigation speeds
  • Comfort and precision at very high speed
  • Progressive and homogeneous behavior on the three axes of control
  • High performance, minimalist trail
  • Exceptional Glide effect
  • Maximum stiffness for high elongation and ultra thin profile
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We've worked hard to make this RLW a very successful wing and we believe that in terms of comfort and ease of use, it remains the best in its class.

The new design of the RLW, inspired by the competition glider, is the result of long hours of research and development. Its ultra-thin profile and its projected aspect ratio of 8.3 resulted in a record of trail weakness, thus guaranteeing exceptional performance in windward and low-lying conditions.
Its glide performance shows a significant improvement over all other AlpineFoil wings.

The RLW returns all of the energy provided to it and only needs to move forward.

Its extreme finesse, rigidity and new arc are more than ever in keeping with our philosophy of true performance. The RLW provides unprecedented stability at high speed and ensures a sense of control over all phases of navigation.

This wing features new technologies that have not only undeniably improved the upwind and the low range but also the flight behavior. Its profile delivers a progressive lift that guarantees control over all phases of navigation. Its new generation of vault ensures homogeneity on all axes of flight without degrading performance. This results in filtered feedback and surprisingly comfortable behavior in muscular conditions.

We also paid special attention to the handling of the wing, focusing particularly on accuracy, despite its significant lengthening.

This RLW is also the first wing with 3rd generation sharklets. Performance gains were achieved thanks to a new profile, a larger rope and a more closed angle. This results in better lift, less vibration, more stability and reduced drag.

The RLW is an agile, intuitive and high-performance wing.




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The RLW is a very complex wing, it was designed without compromise for performance. Maintaining rigidity on a wing so thin and of such size is a real technological challenge. To meet this challenge we have associated a sophisticated manufacturing in our workshop with the use of noble fibers with very high mechanical strength and low elongation.

The price determination takes into account the real costs of materials and manufacturing time to achieve a level of finish up to our expectations.


  • Damien

    1 Damien On 10/11/2019

    hello Tadas, indeed as you have seen the Rlw700 is a wing designed exclusively for the light wing and flat water. the RLW 700 yield is exceptional in these condition. on the other hand for more formed water body and stronger winds the wing that was designed for this is the RACE 580M
  • Tadas

    2 Tadas On 09/11/2019

    Wing looks really nice without imperfections. In riding att low speed it glides smoothly and feels very light. Good lift and no stall on transitions. But on race: Im not satisfied with unwind performance (im riding fone diablo V3) loose about 10 degrees and on speed of above 40kmh wing begins problem with yaw and roll stability.
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