Windfoil Wing - ULW 1200

The Winfoil Wing ULTRA LIGHT WIND - ULW 1200

“Pleasure in every way”

Forced to realize that the majority of windfoilers are former windsurfers who are no longer 20 years old and in Windfoil we all know that an effective pumping directly determines your ability in the low beach.
It is from this observation that the Alpinefoil team wanted to design the daily weapon for the majority of pilots who want to fight against the tonicity, lightness and power of the under 25 years old….

Born from a close collaboration between several riders and the Alpinefoil team.
We have defined the best qualities of a light wind wing as reference criteria both for the low range departure and for the handling in flight and the behaviour in strong conditions.

During our development period, we tested prototypes in daily use, the very fine returns we received were reworked in the design, until we not only achieved, but even exceeded the criteria we had set for ourselves.

At the end, the riders had only one question in mind: " when will we get this 1200?! "

This 1200 is above all a low consumption glider. Its significant lengthening combined with its racing Kitefoil profile gives it a minimalist drag for this surface and a sleek look.

Our ambition was not to create a race machine but the everyday weapon for the majority of drivers, so we had to reform the whole.

Specifications Of This New Windfoil Wing

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ULW1200 Vs RLW 700

- The profile ratio was therefore carefully increased until the best compromise was reached between sliding, accessibility and low range start.

-The mean centre of thrust of the wing was moved back to a lower thrust level of about 900.
Under forcing conditions the behaviour remains healthy and you will not get ejected out of the water.

-The large span chord coupled to this new profile ratio provides a particularly low stall speed and an extraordinary tolerance.
The learning of transitions is intuitive and obvious.

-This ULW 1200 is equipped with maximum stability made possible by the design of a new arc that ends in light feather tip fallout. The curvature of this new vault is the result of a compromise between stability and yield.
In general, the handling and stability of the foil are significantly increased with this ULW 1200.

-The wing is progressive and soft on all the axes of the flight it thus offers a real pleasure in cruising and downwind.

-The main mission of this new wing was to surprise us with these low-range skills.
We all know that the start in windfoil by light wind is the result of a powerful and efficient pumping.
For this ULW 1200 we wanted to facilitate this crucial phase.

Two pumping strokes in 1200 are equivalent to about ten strokes in 900, the support on the wing is immediately present and the power directly transmitted from the wing to the foil.

-Each stage of the design is therefore a clever mix between accessibility performance and low beach ability.
The optimisation of each of its phases during the development has therefore made it possible to obtain excellent upwind and peak speed performance.

It is a wing that will take you far in your practice!

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