Sport / Light Wind Race Wing

Level : intermediate to expert 

Suitable for : Freeride, Race Light Wind, Race, Speed Cruising, Carving

Area : 466 cm²

Wingspan : 62 cm

Sport wing 3
Sport 3

Originally created for light wind racing, the Sport wing is now increasingly popular with all riders who want to ride fast without losing the familiar Alpinefoil stability. The Alpinefoil Sport wing probably has the largest speed range of any foil on the market – it will allow a takeoff from 4-5 knots and take you smoothly beyond 30 knots !

The Sport wing is a 100% Race Team (RT) product, meaning that it is manufactured exclusively by its designer and his closest collaborators in Alpinefoil HQ at the foot of the French Alps.

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Alpinefoil Kitefoil wing technlolgies

The Sharklets 

The Sport wing's full carbon "Sharklets", inspired by the latest technical advances in aircraft design, are optimized for the ultimate efficiency in hydrodynamic. The sharklets increase the efficiency at the ends of the wing at low speeds. On a conventional wing, the flow at the wingtip meets haphazardly creating a vortex, resulting in increased drag and less lift. The sharklets have the effect of reducing this vortex, greatly increasing the lift at the wing tips, and therefore the speed, stability and control in low winds. Our tests led us to orient the sharklets upwards so that the wing is more stable, and the sharklets are less vulnerable to damage from below.

The wing profile was developed with 3D digital wind tunnel modeling and the small wing area makes the Sport a very high performance speed wing.

A thorough study of the stresses applied to the wing allowed us to develop an extremely precise manufacturing process. The pre-impregnated carbon fiber layers are cut by CNC machine and arranged to respond intelligently to the forces exerted on the wing, strengthening the strategic points without excess material. This results in a significant weight reduction with optimum rigidity.

 MCF (Monobloc Continuous Carbon Fiber)

Now present in all our carbon products, MCF construction provides an exceptionally high strength and rigidity. With MCF we mate the two halves of the wing with filament winding, thus eliminating the traditional glue joint. We get a seal without any weak point, with an elongation factor of 1.6 to 1.9% compared to about 40% elongation for a glue joint.

 AlpineFoil mounting system

 The 4 mounting holes are staggered to best support the connection of the wing to the fuselage, ensuring the rigidity and cohesion of the whole system. Screw heads are countersunk to fit snugly in the wing, reducing friction and improving glide. This system now standard on all Alpinefoil wings and allows full compatibility with all our existing and future foils, including Alpinefoil 4.0, Alpinefoil 4.5, Alpinefoil 5.0 Full Carbon, Alpinefoil Access 5.0, and Access 5.0 Alpinefoil V2. 

"Arrow" swept wing shape

All of our foil wings are designed with a swept wing angle, more or less pronounced depending on the type of wing. This swept wing design is extremely important for stability. These complex shapes require 30% more carbon fiber in the manufacturing of our wings compared to a right-angle wing.

Dihedrala curvature

The dihedral curvature of all our wings is designed and developed in a digital wind tunnel. This curvature is one of the most important parameters in the design of a kitefoil wing. The principle is simple: a curved wing will have bearing vectors that intersect at a point, radically improving the stability compared to that of a flat wing where none of the vectors intersect. The dihedral curvature also greatly affects the lift and stability of the wing. A curved wing reduces parasitic roll, stabilizing the wing's trajectory and thus increases steering precision. The curvature also helps to maintain lift and reduce the tendency of a foil to "hunt". The steering becomes really easier and more comfortable.

VAS (Variable Angle foil System)

All Alpinefoil wings are designed with a dynamic load profile between the center of the wing and the wing tip. This unique Alpinefoil feature uses a high lift wing tip providing the lift you need at low speed, resulting in better control and extraordinary stability. With an increase in speed (and thus a decrease in incidence), this effect gradually fades to decrease the wing load and refocus the lift, allowing the wing to achieve higher speeds while remaining extremely stable. This results in greater speed range and a very progressive.

Sport wing 4
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