Kite foil EZEE

Beginners choosing the right kite foil is essential!

Kitefoil alpinefoil ezee 1000 20

Beginner to intermediate level

AlpineFoil is hitting very hard for this season by launching a kite foil accessible to all with an ultra tight budget: 699 euros incl. Tax (foil only) 1399 euros Pack VR3 convertible surfkite + Foil.

This foil will allow all kitesurfers to start foiling at a lower cost. The EZEE (Easy) will be the ideal kite foil for learning progression and why not performance. It has all the ingredients of a quality foil with an incredible scalability bonus. (Mat, Wing, Boxes) and French know-how.

Its freeride wing of 1000 cm2 in carbon, its mast of 80 cm and its fuselage have been worked to obtain a foil with an exceptional value for money. Made in France, we have worked on our production techniques and methods by betting to manage to build a French foil with carbon wings that are less expensive than the Asian productions currently on the market.

If you believe in Made In France and think that supporting French industry and crafts is essential! So trust us.

The EZEE takes all the technical bases of Alpinefoil which made the success of the brand and its range.

The Ezee is the perfect foil to learn and progress on a small budget without sacrificing quality and scalability

Thanks to its plate connection it adapts to all boards on the market with US rail or can be sold in a pack with the fantastic VR3 board at a price of 1399 euros

  • CARBON freeride wing 1050 cm² BSC finish with progressive curvature VAS system
  • Machined aluminum fuselage 6061 T6 Aviation aluminum "Nose Less"
  • Aluminum mast 80 or 60 cm
  • 4-hole plate (165x90) standardized board compatible: AlpineFoil VR3 / North / Slingshot / F-One and all boards on US rail

This "noseless" foil is aimed at all riders, from beginners to experienced skiers looking for an easy and quality foil at a low cost. Standard 4-hole plate compatible with most boards on the market.

to order it and go to the eshop it s here


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