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Origin freeride initiation beginner          Access v3 freeride cruising beginner          Access carbon freeride cruising performance beginner expert          Rave freeride freestyle wave cruising beginner expert



Ultimate freeride cruising freerace performance intermediate competitor 1                    Titanium freeride cruising freerace performance intermediate competitor                    Zenos freeride cruising freerace race intermediate competitor


  • Kitefoil Alpinefoil Origin

    Kitefoil Origin made in france by AlpineFoil
  • Kitefoil Alpinefoil Access V3

    How to start the kite foil well? How to choose your kitefoil? The Access V3, the most versatile foil in the Alpine foil range. Ideal to start and progress.
  • Kitefoil Alpinefoil Access Carbon

    What foil to buy to learn? The carbon version of the Access V3, the ideal kitefoil to start and progress in kite surfing on foil.
  • Kitefoil Rave AIR

    A kitefoil with a clear program: CARVING, FREERIDE, FREESTYLE, WAVE. The AlpineFoil RAVE kite foil will excel in downhill, tight curves, wave surf, transition and jump. Unmatched maneuverability, pop and precision
  • Kitefoil Ultimate AIR

    How to buy the right kite foil? The Ultimate, the high-end Alpinefoil. Ideal for race or high speed.
  • Kitefoil Titanium AIR

    How to choose your kitefoil? Kite foil Titanium, a very high-end foil at the best price. The perfect combination of carbon and titanium for a high-performance Alpinefoil.
  • Kitefoil ZENOS full Race

    Are you looking for a very high-end kite foil? Are you looking for performance? The Zenos full Race is for you, come and discover it!
  • Kitefoil RAVE AIR 80 Titanium

    How to start kitefoil well? How to choose your kite? The Kite foil Rave AIR 80 titanium is suitable for the beginner and progressive. It is also suitable for Big Air and Woo competitors and for freeride, freestyle, wave riders. Perfect for jump, swell descent, transition, tricks, wave surfing. absence of corrosion