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Présentation de la gamme Windfoil A1 et de la Board AWF2 by AlpineFoil

Windfoil A1 CARBON : What is beautiful flies well...

For this new season, the fuselage has been completely renewed. Thanks to extensive research in the field of hydrodynamics and many tests, the windfoil A1 Carbon promises riders a pure and uncompromising ride.

From development to manufacturing, the A1 has been entirely thought out according to wind foil practice and the constraints it implies. After eleven years of experience in the field of hydrofoil and four long years of research devoted to the windfoil A1 project, the result is of rare quality. The smallest element of the foil, from the material to the geometry, has been scrupulously studied in order to obtain a product optimized to 200%.

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Choosing a Windfoil Carbon AlpineFoil is to make no concessions on its pleasure.

The main innovation is based on the very low drag of the whole made possible thanks to the thinnest fuselage of the market coupled with the FRDS system, technology developed and patented by AlpineFoil. This technology allows both a high level of rigidity and an exceptional flow.

The news :

  • Lengthened by 7 cm, it now reaches a length of 1 meter, which gives it exceptional longitudinal stability and an incredible lift to the wind.
  • To obtain a foolproof solidity, the fuselage has been strongly stiffened, but that does not affect its excellent flow.
  • Finally, the calibration has been modified to obtain more progressivity, but also a glide of much better quality.
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The carbon elements are combined with an aluminum fuselage because this material allows a reduction of the fuselage section of 40% compared to a carbon section while offering an excellent reliability thanks to its strong resistance.

The foil is also ultra thin and light, while being particularly rigid: a considerable work of reduction of weight was carried out according to the Material Resistance to arrive at a ratio stiffness / thinness out of the common run.

The carbon / aluminum union and this extreme thinness make the A1 Carbon a unique wind foil on the market.

The other highlights of the A1 CARBON

  • Unique durability in the foil world
  • Incredibly stable curved ULW900 wing
  • Excellent performance at low speed
  • 95 cm mast with progressive profile, ideal at sea
  • Stable and responsive mast
  • 100 cm ultra stable fuselage
  • Evolutivity to wings 800, 700, 600, 500, 400 and 300 cm²
  • Mast, wings and full carbon RTeam stabilizer, ultra sophisticated finish
  • Optional full carbon platinum of distribution of efforts
  • Fully removable foil, ideal for transport
  • Particularly reliable foil


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The AlpineFoil carbon mast, a must-have.


The main asset of windfoil A1 Carbon is its full carbon RTeam mast. The choice to offer a mast in true carbon fiber continues to demonstrate the desire of AlpineFoil to transmit extraordinary sensations to its customers. To achieve superior rigidity, the carbon fiber layers are laid out in a precise orientation that meets all our flexion and torsion requirements and is then fired at very high pressure, ensuring ultra-compact carbon and therefore unequaled strength and resistance.

Carbon 5So that this supreme rigidity does not affect the quality of the glide, AlpineFoil has designed a mast whose profile is progressive. Each area of ​​the mast has been carefully studied according to the constraints, there is strictly no superfluous. Thus, the upper part of the mast is thicker, because it represents a significant area of ​​stress concentration, while the lower part is much thinner, to greatly reduce drag and thus optimize the glide to the maximum. The rigidity is so impeccable while the glide remains absolutely sensational.

The size of this 100% windfoil mast is also extremely important. Results of a laborious calculation, the 95 cm of length are perfect for navigation at sea. An excellent upwind, a very good amplitude of maneuver, progressive takeoff and piloting: this mast greatly facilitates the practice of wind foil in marine environment. Added to this is a primary advantage: a perfect balance between stability and responsiveness. Indeed, a mast too short would be unstable because the lever exerted on the sail would have been too weak, while a longer mast would be too much nervous and therefore much more difficult to handle. Here, the research conducted has generated a product that responds perfectly to the slightest solicitation of the pilot.

Then, the mast rope was also evaluated at the fairest. Its size is not too wide, to avoid the saffron effect that makes the foil difficult to handle and increases the drag, not too fine, to maintain a certain stability. These precise dimensions greatly contribute to improving the upwind ascent, but also, combined with a suitable profile, to optimize the rigidity in flexion and torsion of the mast to 100%.

Windfoil alpinefoil A1 carbon 8

The mast of the windfoil A1 Carbon is entirely realized by the RTeam division, our team of technicians ultra specialized in the work of carbon and in the manufacture of upscale and competition foils. Thanks to it, the profile of the mast, particularly precise, is always perfectly respected: the leading edge is well marked while the trailing edge is extremely fine. This AlpineFoil system allows excellent flow, and therefore a great reduction of the drag, which gives you an unparalleled level of glide.

Rteam french alps 4

This high-end mast then benefits from an ultra-refined finishing process. Instead of just sanding at the exit of the mold, AlpineFoil, with a taste for excellence, prefers to push the finishing to its climax. Indeed, at AlpineFoil, we know that carbon fiber, because of its crossings, has a multitude of small porosities that affect the flow of water on the profile, and therefore the glide. We then decided to solve this problem by applying several layers of varnish between which an operator carries out a sanding. With this process, we always return to the original profile, but the porosities are gradually filled.

The masts with gloss option, unlike the matte versions, have an additional treatment. After the last coat of varnish, we execute a manual sanding with water in 2000 and 3000. A final polishing in 16,000 is then operated using a polishing paste. This high performance finish on the one hand refines the design of the product, and on the other hand greatly improves its glide.


The mast head housing

Windfoil alpinefoil A1 carbon 9

The mast is equipped with a very special Deep Tuttle box: it is integrated into the mast. Being completely molded with the mast, the carbon fiber is uninterrupted, from the base of the mast to the top of the housing, which guarantees a housing of exceptional quality. This MCBox technology (Monobloc Carbon Box), developed and patented by AlpineFoil, significantly increases the rigidity of the mast / housing connection. In addition, it involves several other strong points:

  • A very small bulk,
  • Ultra fast assembly,
  • A big reduction of the drag.

The Deep Tuttle format also has a major advantage: it is a standard that fits on many boards. The windfoil being a sport where the constraints on the material are very important, AlpineFoil has chosen to provide two optional recovery plates: one to place under the hull of the board, the base of the box, the second on the deck, each serving to further increase the distribution of efforts. The objective is to stiffen the whole and to limit the risk of damage of the box of the board by spreading the constraints on the entire of it.


The ULW 900, the ideal wing for windfoil.

The wing ULW 900 will be the wing delivered by default with your foil. If all the AlpineFoil wings are usable in wind foil, the ULW 900, with its surface of 943 cm², remains the pinnacle for this practice. The objective being to create a real range in itself, this wing is totally different from all those designed by AlpineFoil to date. It has many advantages:

  • An excellent lift / drag performance, for optimal glide in Light Wind,
  • A much worked profile, to eliminate the problem of lift when the speed increases and for extraordinary gliding sensations,
  • A curved wing, for an extraordinary stability, because the curve locks the vectors of lift in a single point,
  • A progressive curvature calculated to remain perfectly constant in turns,
  • The VAS technology (Variable Angle System), which allows a very wide speed range,
  • A fixation system by AlpineFoil with four screws in staggered rows, to completely remove the pivot and to increase the rigidity and stability of the whole.

Like the mast, the wing is made of 100% carbon fiber. The continuous fiber is molded at high pressure; it perfectly meets all our expectations in terms of rigidity and thinness. Being an RTeam product, it has all the advantages associated with the quality of manufacture and finishing mentioned above, making it a very high performance wing.


Windfoil A1 50

The stabilizer

The stabilizer supplied is RTeam certified. Its profile is inspired by the Race wing, which gives it an optimal glide, as well as a very important gain of control of the foil and thus of progressivity. The stabilizer is particularly far from the fuselage, which increases its performance tenfold. Indeed, the fuselage acts as a lever arm. Thus, the longer the arm is, the more effective the stabilizer is. Another factor that favors stability: the length of the fuselage keeps the stabilizer away from the turbulence generated by the front wing and the mast. We then obtain a product whose multiple performances are all perfectly exploited.

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The fuselage, a perfect balance between thinness and rigidity.

This brand new fuselage has been entirely designed for windfoil practice. Long tested by our team of expert riders (French Champions of Engie Kite Tour 2016 and winners of the Coupe de France 2017), we sought to obtain a fuselage that is ultra-efficient while being as thin as possible, in order to get a fantastic ride, which is the hallmark of AlpineFoil.

The news :

  • Lengthened by 7 cm, it now reaches a length of 1 meter, which gives it exceptional longitudinal stability and an incredible lift to the wind.
  • To obtain a foolproof solidity, the fuselage has been strongly stiffened, but that does not affect its excellent flow.
  • Finally, the calibration has been modified to obtain more progressivity, but also a glide of much better quality.
Windfoil A1 49

To do this, we first chose to shape an aluminium fuselage machined in the mass, because this process allows to take advantage of all the properties of the material. The machined aluminum is perfectly homogeneous, its mechanical performances are intact and it offers the possibility of modeling an incredibly thin fuselage. Therefore, we meticulously calculated the stresses on the windfoil fuselage so that the ratio between rigidity and thinness is optimal: each existing area must be perfectly useful. The result is an ultra-rigid and ultra-thin product that provides an ultimate glide feel, as well as an outstanding lightness.

Fuselage section 425px


This thinness is achieved in particular thanks to the FRDS technology (Fuselage with Reduced Drag System). This system developed and patented by AlpineFoil consists of modeling a fuselage with a leading edge at the bottom and a trailing edge at the top so as to guide the flow along the profile. Thanks to the FRDS, the flow is perfectly laminar, the drag is clearly reduced and the glide is extremely fluid.


An outstanding longevity

Finally, to achieve a foil with supreme performance, AlpineFoil was keen to develop the longevity part. Indeed, we know that aluminum corrodes, especially in the marine environment. To solve this problem, we have set up several protections: a hard anodization OAD 70 μ, GIS wedges between the fuselage and the wings (Galvanic Isolator System) and TefGel, to isolate the stainless steel screws from the fuselage.

But AlpineFoil wanted to go further and ended up developing a unique concept in the world of foil: SACS technology (Sacrificial Anode anti-Corrosion System). This revolutionary system consists to imbricate a piece whose electrical potential is very low in the foil. Like a magnet, salt water ions will first be attracted to the material with the lowest electrical potential and will corrode it. Without a sacrificial anode, it would have been the aluminum fuselage. If it is regularly changed, this technology can really fight very effectively against the corrosion of the foil and ensures unbeatable durability.

Sacs 690px

The others pluses of the fuselage of the A1:

  • The fixing system is particularly advanced: the mast is linked to the fuselage by 3 screws at the bottom and 2 transverse screws, which locks the clearance at 100%. The connection is then extremely rigid.
  • The fuselage measures 100 cm, ideal length for unequaled stability.
  • The rostrum is rounded for optimum safety, but it remains more advanced than the wing for ultra-efficient hydrodynamic performance.
  • The mast is quite centered on the fuselage, so that the front wing is well aligned with the rider. We then obtain a perfect balance of the whole.
  • The karmans create a progressive connection between the fuselage and the wings. Thus, the drag formed at these junctions is considerably reduced.
  • The GIS wedges by AlpineFoil not only serve to isolate the wings from the fuselage to prevent corrosion, but also to adjust the lift of the foil according to the practice, rigging and size of the pilot. The foil is personalized according to each one.
  • The vertical fin has been the subject of long calculations to obtain stability and unparalleled maneuverability. Therefore, the placement in the curves is ideal. In addition, this fin is placed in the upper part of the fuselage to prevent it from being damaged in the event of impact with the ground.

These many elements make the A1 Carbon a foil quite conducive to the practice of wind foil. Ultra high end, no aspect has been neglected. You will invest in a high performance product, reliable, with a fantastic glide and especially extremely durable.

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User Review

Accessibility, comfort, performance...

These are the three key words that qualify the A1. Indeed, this foil is made for all practitioners, from the beginner to the most confirmed. The behavior of this foil on the water is ultra healthy and easy to handling.

The most remarkable quality of this foil is its exceptional glide on the water, it feels like nothing under the board. From the start planning, we feel the fluidity of this foil because there is virtually no resistance in the legs. This allows us to navigate without forcing physically and to be able to focus on the finesse of driving. With the A1, we do not tire unnecessarily!

In addition, it shows an exceptional lateral and longitudinal balance and a quite amazing vivacity for an aluminium foil.

All these qualities are due to an exceptional design and a ten-year know-how in the world of foil.

The centerpiece of this foil that gives it a lot of all these qualities is clearly its FRDS drag reduction fuselage. This fuselage offers this foil an exceptional glide thanks to its particular profile FRDS which considerably reduces the drag and allows this feeling of not having resistance in the legs and not to drag water at the start.

These qualities allowed this foil to reach 30 knots from the first tests on the Jaï spot.

A foil focused 100% longevity and progression

Indeed this foil is intended to accompany you throughout your progression by its continuously upgradable appearance and by its durability. Anxious to be part of the fight against programmed obsolescence AlpineFoil guarantees you the best quality on the materials used and the possibility to keep your foil for many years of practice. Indeed, to test its reliability, I subjected this foil to all possible constraints (1m96 for 115kg, use of a sail of 9.5 race, navigation up to more than 35 knots of wind, big chops, irregular wind type mistral and tramontane), pushing each time the limits of the foil and thus proving its solidity.

Steeve Lenne

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