Windfoil A1 Aluminium SL

Windfoil AlpineFoil A1 Alu SL - Carbon wing + carbon stabilizer.
Deep Tuttle Box, PowerBox or 4 hole plate.
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AlpineFoil A1 ALUMINUM Windfoil:

From beginner to expert level

Notice / Manuel de montage Windfoil Alpinefoil A1 aluminium deep tuttlenotice-montage-windfoil-alpinefoil-a1-aluminium-deep-tuttle.pdf (1.82 Mo)

Windfoil A1 SL Aluminium + Standard carbon Wings : 

Front Wings :
Regata 580
Regata 850
Regata 1100
DW 750
DW 980
DW 1370
DW 1680
Cruise 1250

Stabilizer :
Standard : Wing Performance
HA : SHA 188/SHA 239 - HA175/HA208

Fuselage :
New model  - 105 cm with sacrificial anode

Mast :
90 cm Extruded aluminium 
Internal + external anodizing

Boxs :
Deep Tuttle Box
Power Box
4-hole Plate

For weakly reinforced case we recommend : 

Carbon Deck Plate + 29 euros/pcs
Carbon Hull Plate + 47 euros/pcs

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Stabilizer Choice :


Why choose the windfoil AlpineFoil A1 ALU ?

Plus 20px ​Sacrificial anode Anticorrosion system

Plus 20px ​Entirely dismountable foil

Plus 20px Extrem longevity with the unique SACS anti-corrosion system

Plus 20px ​Interchangeable housing PowerBox, Deep Tuttle, plate

Plus 20px ​Maximal rigidity, optimized weight

Plus 20px ​Full carbon wing ULW 900 with progressive curvature

Plus 20px ​High performance aluminum mast 90 cm

Plus 20px ​CNC machined 100cm fuselage ultra profiled with FRDS

Plus 20px ​Ultra Light Wind optimization with ULW1200 full carbon wing

Plus 20px ​Maximum accessibility, ultra fast learning

Plus 20px ​New ultra rigid mast / fuselage assembly

Plus 20px ​Evolution Carbon mast (A1 Carbon, A1 Sport, A1 Race Mast)

Plus 20px ​Evolution Carbon wings 1200, 850, 700, 580, 400


Kitefoil SUPFoil Madeinfrance


The Aluminium Windfoil in 2022 ?
The A1 SL, the solution signed by Alpinefoil

A new generation is emerging,
coming from many years of experience in the manufacture of foils.

Starting from the observation that the performance of a windfoil is essentially based on rigidity, we have developed a removable foil but also rigid at the same time.

AlpineFoil wanted to maintain a high level of glide: thus this brand new A1 Alu SL windfoil  ( SL for the name "Slalom") has a ratio Glide/ Stiffness/ Maneuverability quite bluffing.

Indeed the new 105cm fuselage that are equipped the A1 Alu SL and its big brother,
the A1 Carbon SL has many advantages:

  • Inspired by the A1 Race fuselage, it is longer, stiffer, and stronger.
  • The wing cushioning has also been revised, which brings more control and maneuverability.

Thanks to all its qualities, it allows a better take-off in low range as well as increased stability during strong winds, in clear this new fuselage will make your foil a monster of maneuverability and stability (hence the name "Slalom").

The A1 Carbon SL is one of the few removable foils to be as rigid, as thin and as light at the same time.
This fineness of the product guarantees an optimal flow for a much better quality of glide.

For more information about this windfoil: see our page dedicated to the A1 CARBON SL here

With this foil you will receive: A Wing Regatta 850 RTeam + A RTeam full carbon stabilizer, A 95cm aluminium mast with a Deep Tuttle housing, A 105cm machined aluminum fuselage series CNC 5-axis equipped with sacrificial anode, GIS wedges, A set of A4 Torx mounting hardware.

* FRDS: Fuselage with Reduced Drag System

   SACS : Sacrificial Anode anti-Corrosion System

Which AlpineFoil foil to buy ? How to choose your foil according to your level : beginner, confirmed, expert ? How much is it ? New or secondhand ? Contact us here.

For more information, consult our dedicated A1 ALU page here.

Présentation de la gamme Windfoil A1 et de la Board AWF2 by AlpineFoil


Windfoil REVIEW "PLANCHE MAG N°400" - Alpinefoil A1 2019


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  • Alain

    1 Alain On 16/11/2019

    Quelle aile pour moi ?

    Poids 65 kg
    Navigation mac Léman
    Bon niveau en windsurf peu d'expérience en foil.
    Je désire naviguer par vent faible et me déplacer sur le plan d'eau (travers, près, etc)

    J'envisage d'acheter le A1 alpi avec deux ailes
    Flotteur rrd x fire 122 v4

    Merci de m'éclairer
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