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Windfoil AlpineFoil A1 Aluminium 2019

Windfoil A1 Aluminum + Standard carbon fins: Front fins:   ULW900 freeride (943 cm2)   ULW 1200 Light Wind (1245 cm2)   RLW 700 freerace (700 cm2)   LIFT 800 Freeride (795 cm2) Stabilizer: RTeam Carbon Freeride Rteam High Performance Freerace +139 euros Fuselage: New model 2019 - 100 cm with sacrificial anode Mast: 90 cm extruded aluminum Anodizing inside + outside: Housing: Deep Tuttle Box Tuttle Box Power Box Platinum 4 holes For non-specific Tuttle Foil case we recommend: Deck Plate Carbon + 29 Euro / Pieces (Deck Carbon Deck) Hull Plate carbon + 47 euros / pieces (hull carbon plate)

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1 498,00€ inc. tax

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Windfoil AlpineFoil A1 ALUMINIUM 2019:
Price 1082.50 euros exVAT outside EU.

Level beginner to expert.


Présentation de la gamme Windfoil A1 et de la Board AWF2 by AlpineFoil

Présentation de la gamme Windfoil A1 et de la Board AWF2 by AlpineFoil

Why to choose the windfoil AlpineFoil A1 ALU ?

Plus 20px ​Sacrificial anode Anticorrosion system

Plus 20px ​Entirely dismountable foil

Plus 20px Extrem longevity with the unique SACS anti-corrosion system

Plus 20px ​Interchangeable housing PowerBox, Deep Tuttle, plate

Plus 20px ​Maximal rigidity, optimized weight

Plus 20px ​Full carbon wing ULW 900 with progressive curvature

Plus 20px ​High performance aluminum mast 90 cm

Plus 20px ​CNC machined 92cm fuselage ultra profiled with FRDS

Plus 20px ​Ultra Light Wind optimization with ULW900 full carbon wing

Plus 20px ​Maximum accessibility, ultra fast learning

Plus 20px ​New ultra rigid mast / fuselage assembly

Plus 20px ​Evolution Carbon mast

Plus 20px ​Evolution Carbon wings 1200, 800, 700, 560, 400


Kitefoil SUPFoil Madeinfrance


This brand new foil is exceptional because AlpineFoil chose to offer you the most efficient windfoil Alu on the market at the fairest price. Coming from the high-end A1 CARBON, the A1 ALU guarantees outstanding accessibility, maximum scalability and incredible glide for unlimited practice.

AlpineFoil offers the windfoil A1 ALU with three types of connection: the PowerBox, the Deep Tuttle and the plate. The PowerBox is a major innovation in the windfoil world because it allows everyone to practice this sport without having to buy all his equipment.

An additional carbon recovery plate is available as an option. Placed on the deck of the board, it helps to solidify the whole thanks to a better distribution of efforts.

This package includes: carbon ULW900 wing + carbon stabilizer, matte finish, 90cm aluminium mast and aluminum 92cm fuselage machined CNC 5-axis, machined 5-axis CNC aluminum DeepTuttle housing and plate, sacrificial anode, GIS wedges, stainless steel mounting hardware A4 Torx.

* FRDS : Fuselage with Reduced Drag System
   SACS : Sacrificial Anode anti-Corrosion System

Which AlpineFoil foil to buy ? How to choose your foil according to your level : beginner, confirmed, expert ? How much is it ? New or secondhand ? Contact us here.

For more information, consult our dedicated A1 ALU page here.

Windfoil REVIEW "PLANCHE MAG N°400" - Alpinefoil A1 2019

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