Windfoil REVO

A Windfoil Power Box accessible to all

Alpinefoil hits very hard for this season by launching an accessible windfoil for all budgets.

This foil will allow all windsurfers to start the practice of foil at a lower cost. The REVO will be the ideal wind foil for learning, progression and why not performance. It has all the ingredients of a quality foil with in addition an incredible scalability. (Mast, Wing, Boxes) and a French know-how.

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Its 87 cm (34.25 ") mast and 90 cm (35.43 ") fuselage were worked to obtain a foil with an exceptional value for money. Made in France, we worked on our production techniques and methods, making the bet to build a French foil with cheaper carbon wings than the Asian productions distributed by the major brands.

If you believe in Made In France and think that supporting French industry and crafts is essential, then trust us!

The Revo takes over all the technical bases of Alpinefoil which made the success of the brand and the A1 range. For example, the mast is identical to the foil A1 Alu but shorter, the fuselage is always machined in a single block of aluminum to ensure maximum rigidity. The Revo has a fuselage with a long length of 90 cm (35.43 ") essential for stability, the aluminium mast is ultra rigid with a fitting common to all Alpinefoil windfoil: A1 Alu, A1 Carbone, A1 Sport, A1 Race. Alpinefoil has made no impasse on the materials, the wings are 100% carbon with a simplified finish named BSC.



For this new foil Alpinefoil has designed a 1000 cm2 (155 sq in) Freeride wing that incorporates the concepts of the ULW1200 wing (Best SELLER Windfoil because of its incredible versatility both in its accessibility, its super low beach, its ease in the jibe and its exceptional behavior in the strong wind). The carbon wings of Alpinefoil are ultra light and resistant thanks to Air technology. This technology is based on materials that can only be purchased in France and Europe. This makes it exclusive for our brand. On some foil wings, such as in the SUP foil or surf with surfaces of 1800 cm2 (279 sq in), the weight differences are in kilograms.

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Windfoil Tuttle, Deep Tuttle ou Power box, your choice

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The Revo, although delivered as standard with a Deep Tuttle box, it adapts to all boards on the market including freeride boards fitted with Tuttle Powerbox or 4-hole turntable. In addition, for non-specific foil boards, it is possible to purchase optional carbon recovery plates.

Two types of plate exist, the Carbon Deck Plate placed on the deck and or the hull plate (Hull Plate placed under the hull of the board. These plates make it possible to release the stresses on the case by taking up the efforts on the bridge and the For two years now, this system has been tested and works perfectly on non-windfoil boards.

Why choose the Alpinefoil Revo ALU windfoil?




Plus 20px Price / Quality 

Plus 20px Made in France

Plus 20px Wings and stabilizer 100% Carbon

Plus 20px Freeride wing 1000 cm2  (from the design of the ULW1200)

Plus 20px Long fuselage 90 cm CNC machined

Plus 20px High performance aluminum mast 87 cm

Plus 20px Performance in the light wind and the strong wind

Plus 20px Accessibility / ease of learning

Plus 20px jibe facility

Plus 20px 8 wing angle adjustment shims

Plus 20px Compatible with all boards on the market Deep Tuttle, Tuttle, Powerbox,  platine

Plus 20px Compatibility of the masts
● A1 Alu
● A1 Carbon
● A1 Sport
● A1 Race

Plus 20px Compatibility with the wings:  
● SURF 1800
● ULW1200
● ULW 900
● REGATA 1100
● REGATA 850
● REGATA 580 M
●Race stabilizer





Panier achats 3   To buy your AlpineFoil windfoil REVO, go to the online shop.

Which foil Alpinefoil to buy? How to choose your foil according to your level: beginner, advanced, expert? How much does it cost? New or used? Contact us here.


Windfoil Alpinefoil REVO - Price 999 euros 

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