Wingfoil Hawk carbon V2

Start and progress in wingfoil, why choose a carbon wingfoil ?

Latest Model AlpineFoil

Indeed, the Wingfoil Hawk Carbone V2 is the result of all the experience and innovation that AlpineFoil has acquired in recent years.
Equipped with the most optimized mast in the AIR range, as well as the most resistant aluminium fuselage,
The Hawk Carbon will suit any environment and level.

Just like the Hawk 1800, it’s a foil that works in wingfoil, surfoil, SUPfoil but also in wakefoil.
Very easy to access, it takes off particularly early and gradually.

You can learn easily and then improve with Wingfoil, Surfoil and SUPfoil thanks to this versatile foil that will accompany you for many hours.

It should also be noted that the Hawk operates even in very small waves,
the flight will be very easy regardless of the weather conditions.

Made in France quality signed AlpineFoil

Just like all our models,
each piece of this foil is certified made in France, all sprinkled with a high-end craftsmanship finish.




You will find in this toy all the quality made in France dear to AlpineFoil:

  • Continuous carbon fiber wings for optimal rigidity and performance
  • One connection with four staggered screws for maximum stability
  • VAS technology that gives the wing a much wider speed range than a conventional wing
  • A fuselage machined in a single block of aluminum for outstanding strength
  • High quality RTeam finish
  • The presence of a sacrificial anode to fight effectively against corrosion. The Hawk Carbon brings together all the details that make the difference and that have made Alpine foils exceptional foils.
  • Thanks to its feather-weight mat and its semi-carbon aluminium fuselage, it is the lightest foil in the AlpinFoil range.

With a total weight of only 2.3 Kg with the regatta 1100, we can ensure you an optimal glide as well as a feeling of unmatched lightness.

Alpinefoil wingfoil hawk carbone 1450 0146

The Fuselage Rave

An ultra-resistant and high-performance fuselage:

Due to its manufacturing material and shape, the Rave fuselage equipped on the Hawk Carbon remains one of the best from AlpineFoil.

In addition to being removable from the mast, it is equipped with a sacrificial Anode allowing corrosion not to attack the body of the fuselage by concentrating it on the Anode.

Without forgetting its versatility, because just like each of our fuselages it remains usable with all of our wings, which offers a wide choice of possible combinations and add the possibility of using it in Wingfoil as well as in SupFoil or KiteFoil.


83cm Carbon Mast :

Brand new Carbon mast model from AlpineFoil

Designed in a special 3-axis mould, the new Platinum 83cm carbon mast combines several innovations:

  • A special shape called "S-shape" that allows it to advance its pivot point,
    just like a caddie wheel where the rotation takes place upstream of the wheel, which in our case allows the foil to enter naturally into the curves.

A new sensation guaranteed! 

In addition to this, this S-shape makes it possible to direct the front water flow towards the top of the mast, which in practice considerably reduces the ventilation effect at the back of the foil while ensuring an extraordinary stability.

  • A machined monoblock body unlike conventional manufacturing techniques, which provides unprecedented rigidity and optimal glide.
  • An evolutionary thickness over the entire length of the mast:
    Thicker at the base for better stress resistance and thinner on the part in contact with water.


  • An ultra light weight:
    Thanks to its single piece design, this mast weighs only 1.1 Kg

A stiffness/weight ratio more than at the top!

Surf 1800

With a moderate ratio

Regata 580

With a high ratio

Regata 850

With a high ratio

Cruise 1250

With a moderate ratio

Cruise 1450

With a moderate/high ratio

Wing Large

Perfect for beginners as for higher levels, this stabilizer will be more suitable on cruising or learning

Wing Performance

As its name suggests
This stabilizer is suitable for speed enthusiasts


Ideal for freeriding and cruising
Provides greater stability
and greater versatility


It will delight speed lovers who want to push their foil to its maximum capacity without losing all the advantages of an Alpinefoil foil

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Wingfoil Alpinefoil Hawk Carbon - Price 1899 euros

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