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Kitefoil wing - WAVE 1200

Carbon RTeam wing Wave 1200 - 1200 cm², 660 mm - Program : Wave, Surf, Tack, Low speed maneuver, initiation, beginner to expert - Delivered with screws.

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599,00€ inc. tax

Availability : In stock

699,00€ inc. tax

Our dedicated freeride Wave Wing
Price 499,17 Euros exVAT

Program: Wave, Carving, Tack, Low Speed ​​Maneuver.

For beginner to expert rider. Very good maneuverability, excellent stability, very good lift, it is the perfect wing to maneuver in low-speed waves or work transitions.

Limited series production RTeam. Full carbon construction, Alpinefoil MCF (Monobloc Continuous Carbon Fiber) and VAS (Variable Angle System) technologies.

Compatibility: all Alpinefoil since 4.5.

Matt varnish finish


Suitable for medium to very strong wind. MCF carbon fiber. Variable Angle System.

Polished carbon finish.

Compatible with all Alpinefoil foil systems.




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