Wing - WAVE 1200

100% Carbon RTeam Wing
MHA (Medium High Aspect)
1200 cm² - 660 mm

Wave 1200 carbon wing

Program: Freeride / Wave / Surf / Tack / Low Speed Maneuver / Initiation

For beginner to expert rider
Very good maneuverability, excellent stability, very good lift, it is the perfect wing to maneuver in waves at low speed or work transitions.

All Alpinefoil wings are supplied with their fixing screws.

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The wave rider puzzle.
Often you are forced to choose the ideal surface wing; the choice between small and large.
But have you considered just having both?

Imagine having the advantage of low beach start and maneuverability by having an ultra-wide speed range and a little-known glide for this class of wing.
All this becomes possible with the same wing, the Wave 1200.

Once in the air on this Wave 1200 we quickly have a feeling of lightness, the wing has little inertia which gives it a feeling of softness and progressivity on all axes of flight.
An optimization of its arc and profile allowed us to propel the Wave 1200 to the top of its class.
The AlpineFoil team wanted to take advantage of a large wing size by keeping a glide and an ultra-wide speed range for a wing on this surface.

Takeoff and landing are crucial moments in surf foil.
Special attention has therefore been paid to these points so that these phases can take place as smoothly and as easily as possible, without having a tendency to fall back or to take off at once.
We assume that in order to develop the discipline, the drivers need a foil with the best glide-supported ratio.

Directly associated with the performance and thus with a thorough study of the foil by finite element calculations, a good glide allows the pilots to enjoy small waves without having to constantly restart the foil to stay in the air.
The profile directly draw from the Zenos Kitefoil development program ensures minimal drag to the wing.
Its fairly large boom, its particular vault with progressive radius and its intelligent twisting provide excellent precision and maneuverability for its category.
The center of thrust was deliberately moved back, for a better trigger in curve, more stability and a more direct return of sensation.

Its ultra-progressive profile on the first two thirds of the rope brings glide and fluidity, while the last third welcomes a deeper dip to the trailing edge, optimizing the start low range by reversing the stall point to its minimum.
A significant gain in stability convinced us of the interest of its feather tips down.

The Wave 1200 incorporates excellent pitch and roll stability even in turbulent conditions.
Its surprising flight characteristics and filtered feedback make it an intuitive glider that even a novice pilot will find easy to place and handle in his first waves.
The sensations are clear, the raises excellent, and the range of speed far exceeds our expectations.

Whether you plan to foiler relax where in stronger conditions, for us the Wave 1200 simply remains the wing for all pilots who want to rediscover the freedom and pleasure of the 3rd dimension day after day.


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