Wingfoil Ezee 1800

Wingfoil EZEE 1800 - Wing 100% carbon 1800 cm2 BSC finish + carbon stabilizer - Mast alu 80 cm + Platinum 4 holes or Tuttle.
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Wingfoil Alpinefoil EZEE 1800

Alpinefoil is famous for its made in France foils high end and accessible offers a wing foil with a super competitive rate. 

It has a wing of 1800 cm2 100% carbon in BSC finish (a finish without varnish that allows to reduce production costs while retaining wings 100% carbon) and also a stabilizer 100% carbonwith a surface of 297 cm2. 

Indeed, Alpinefoil’s choice to offer 100% carbon wings is rather rare in this price range, usually the materials used are rather injected plastic fiber with 5% carbon or fiberglass.
This Alpinefoil-specific technique makes it possible to have light and very rigid wings, the Ezee 1800 is one of the lightest aluminum foils, with a good glide, while designing a lot of ease for learning, a super scalability and a very affordable price

Its 80 cm matte with a thin profile brings a lot of sliding and allows to evolve in practice.

It features the "Universal Connection Wing" 4-screw Wing/Fuselage connection system developed by Alpine foil in 2010 

This system makes it possible to have full compatibility with all existing and future Alpinefoil foil wings.
This is an important point when we know that today a lot of foils are no longer compatible with the current wing ranges.

It is the ideal foil to discover the practice wing without breaking the bank and without limiting itself in its learning possibilities.

_Alpinefoil designer and foil manufacturer since 2007
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Wingfoil AlpineFoil HAWK
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Freeride foil compatible WINGFOIL , SUP FOIL , SURF FOIL 

This package includes: Front Wing  100% carbon 1800 cm2  BSC Finish + carbon stabilizer, mast 80cm, 60 cm, made to measure. in aviation aluminum 6061 T6 machined with 5-axis GIS galvanic isolators, A4 stainless steel mounting hardware, 4-hole plate.



Wingfoil AlpineFoil HAWK 1800


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