Wing - DW 1680

100% Carbon RTeam Wing
HA (High Aspect)
1680 cm² - 1090 mm
Windfoil / Wingfoil / Surf Foil / Sup Foil / Downwind / Pumping / DockStart

Wingfoil Wing - DW 1680

Program : Wingfoil/ Windfoil/ Surf Foil/ Sup Foil/ Downwind/ Pumping/ DockStart

The DW 1680 has a surface of 1680 cm² with a wingspan of 109 cm.
It is a wing with a really exceptional performance in the lightwind in Wingfoil.

The passion of the Wingfoil and the desire to be able to sail in all wind conditions, including the extreme lightwind, motivated us to push the limits with the DW Range.

We decided to completely deepen the concept to adapt it specifically to the Wingfoil and Downwind.
We needed a wing that could start with little speed, but that could really accelerate in order to completely have fun and have gliding sensations.
Not only that, but we also wanted to be able to use wing sails with a reasonable size, 6 m² max. 

Thanks to the adoption of a new wing profile, a high ratio (HA) and the smallest possible surface area (1680 cm²), it seems that we have succeeded :

Sail in less than 10 knots with this amazing wing !

During the prototypes test, I was sailing in 6 m² Ozone Wasp V2, Alpine foil board 88 liters carbon, rider 75 kg and 50 years.

After some research and simulation in digital wind tunnel, we found the profile that carries low speed and slides really far. 

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