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French Manufacturer of kitefoil hydrofoil


Alpinefoil manufactures prenium carbon,titanium and aluminium kitefoils.

After funboards in the 80s and kiteboarding in the 2000s, kitefoils (kite towing a hydrofoil) are revolutionizing surfing.

They provide new incredible sensations, a mix of those experienced while snowboarding in fresh deep powder, and those experienced in free flight, a pure glide in perfect silence. It's upwind surfing capacity is astonishing, meaning you can play anywhere you want on your spot. You can ride starting from 5-6 knots and up, making it really fun in light winds. The kitesoil also boosts your time spent kiting, almost 100% of your trips result in a sesison.

Alpinefoil, based in the French Alps, in between Isere and Savoie, is a manufacturer of high quality all-carbon kitefoils. The company is specialized in engineering, design, and manufacturing of composite kitefoils for kiteboarding.

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Last stage of the Championship Speed Crossing at Almanarre - October 2016

The team came Alpinefoil enjoy the last stage of the Speed Crossing of France championship in Almanarre.

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A final step is rich in performance with the bonus of a double title of France Speed Crossing #champion for Team Alpinefoil thanks to our two sports, Fleur Chalot and Benoit Billet in master class
Congratulations to both of them for this performance. Not only our two champions eventually won the final stage of Almanarre but all of them end up champion France on four stages in their respective categories on new #kitefoil #Alpinefoil 5.0 Ultimate. Congratulations to both !!!

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1 st place - man - master class : Benoit Billet

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1 st place - women - master class : Fleur Chalot

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Note also a beautiful performance of Hugo Chaboud that ends at the 5 place in junior class
The entire team wishes to thank all participants, volunteers and organizers for the work and investment provided throughout the year on the championship of France, thank you to you :)

Alpinefoil sur la 3ème Etape du Championnat de Speed Crossing à Wimereux

The 3rd stage of the France championship speed crossing in Wimereux has held all its promises. 8 rounds traveled, wind sustained over two days with a beautiful participation of national riders, including Team Alpinefoil present on the event rewarding us two new podium.

Congratulations to Fleur CHALOT that ends in women directional.

We wish to congratulate Benoit BILLET  for his perseverance who finishes 1st veteran directional

Our two other riders, Nicolas WOJNACKI and Manu DERONZIER ends at the podium veteran of the door but nothing let go at the last stage of the speed crossing in 2016 to be held in early October Almanarre. Congratulations to the team Alpinefoil who has represented this event. 




Conviviale 2016 au Lac de Serre Ponçon

Back on friendly foil 2016 Serre Ponçon that just took place this Weekend of June 25 to 26

Power Kite Club Hautes Alpes has made every effort to welcome us to have a great weekend,

A very nice program, foil ballad, discovered the lake, small breed shared understanding and good for a drink,

A little friendly race allowed the riders to confront it and to take all the flock together.

France 3 report was also present on the Sunday early afternoon event, you can find it on replay:  (Reporting at 21 min 50 )

Outdoormix Festival May 13 to 16, 2016

L'outdoormix festival took place from 13 to 16 May 2016 at Lake Serre-Ponçon and the Embrun water. Many present on the event discipline with a great atmosphere, 4 days of madness punctuated by lively evenings.

Power Kite club Hautes-Alpes received like royalty with a kitefoil race competition on the bottom of the lake to discover the Mont St Michel chapel. Discovery and sportiness to go for a totally successful event.

The final podium is the following, the riders were equipped with the new breed of wing Alpinefoil

1: Benoit Billet - Alpinefoil 5.0 Carbon + New wing racefoil
2nd: Damien Chaboud: Alpinefoil Titanium + New wing racefoil

3rd: Emmanuelle Centelles: Spotz
4th: Jean Francois Blachon: Alpinefoil Ultimate + Racefoil Wing

A great performance for the team Alpinefoil with 3 riders in the top of the table, we also note the very fine second place on Romain Mandier funny race.

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Kitefoil 5.0 Access V2

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Kitefoil carbon aluminium access 5 0 v2 1 1

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