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In its innovation quest even greater , AlpineFoil offers a new evolution : the ACCESS CARBON ! With a new fuselage equipped of the new sacrificial anode (technology SACS) and the new Lift wing, this kite foil is the best value for money of the brand. 

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Carbon revolution

This version of Kitefoil Access is composed of carbon mast, carbon wings and aluminium fuselage taking that Access 5.0 V3.

To generate a maximum of performances, AlpineFoil offers high modulus carbon mast in continuous fiber very light and speed. This mast is associated to Ultimate technology MCBOX (Monobloc Carbon Box) KFBOX, a box with an integral part of mast fiber. Technology with double inox inserts allows piloting accuracy generating unique sensations and performances. Concept is developed thanks to Ultimate version with highly fine fuselage. This new fuselage is now equipped with a sacrificial anode which allows to fight efficiently against corrosion on the all foil. 

Indeed, fuselage, key piece of Foil, is part subjected to a considerable twisting and flex which may lead to break. For this reason, AlpineFoil has chosen to develop a monolithic fuselage manufacturing in aluminium monobloc for perfect resistance on all axes to significantly reduce the streak to allow slipping reliability and exceptional mechanical strength. The development by OAD process with new galvanic isolation systems (GIS) of wings and mast allows optimum connection between aluminium fuselage and carbon mast.

Specifically mast is manufactured by Race Team division based in the French Alps. This division designs and creates all high-end wings with Ultimate and Titanium version to get specifications always more highed.

A limitless personalization

Despite of strong experience based on Ultimate Kitefoil version, Access Carbon is a very accessible product provide technical and financial support. AlpineFoil based on search working to adopt straight mast and inclusion of inox inserts directly on moulding mast. The goal is to reduce production cost and return a Kite foil more affordable by keeping high quality and performance level company specific.

This new version is provide with the new Lift wing which has knonw an incredible success during the past season !

The major feature of carbon mast is its compatibility with all previous Access versions as all wings of Supfoil and Windfoil ranges. The AlpineFoil priority goal is to develop and accompany Access owners with carbon mast purchase.

Consequently, users have a large chance of evolution and personalization. AlpineFoil made it possible thanks to all market box which are adaptable as possibility to combine mast and wings on Access.

The persons who have a board with plates system can access new mast thanks to new carbon 3D plates. They have created by AlpineFoil from the perspective to develop mechanical system and for the effort pick-up and enable superior stiffness of assembly with perfect modularity.

Panier achats 3   To buy your AlpineFoil kitefoil Access CARBON, go to the online shop

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