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Wich Alu Wingfoil choose ?

The Hawk 1800, a high-end Wingfoil, ultra light, super accessible and scalable:

Without any doubt the most accessible Wingfoil of our range

Ideal to start it will also suit more experienced riders looking for stability and comfort in a foil at a more than accessible price.

Like its carbon cousin, it will offer a smooth take-off and a linear glide.
Not to mention its fuselage machined in one and the same block of aluminum bringing it an extraordinary solidity, as well as its sacrificial anode greatly increasing its service life.

Note that despite its price the Hawk alu has wings 100% Carbon Made in France, handmade in our workshop.

It should also be noted that the Hawk operates even in very small waves.
The flight will be very easy regardless of the weather conditions.

In short, a foil more than perfect to start or cruiser in serenity!






A quality signed AlpineFoil

The versatility of the all-new Hawk 1800 doesn’t stop there:

The Surf 1800 wing, as always at AlpineFoil, is compatible with all Alpine fuselages.

Thus the Surf 1800 will fit perfectly on your kitesurf foil or your windsurf foil.
This unique foil will allow you to discover a multitude of different disciplines.

Minimum wind: 10/12 kns Maximum wind 25/30 kns

Surf 1800 zoom 1
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You will find in this toy all the quality made in France dear to AlpineFoil:

  • Continuous carbon fiber wings for optimal rigidity and performance
  • One connection with four staggered screws for maximum stability
  • VAS technology that gives the wing a much wider speed range than a conventional wing
  • A fuselage machined in a single block of aluminum for outstanding strength
  • High quality RTeam finish
  • The presence of a sacrificial anode to fight effectively against corrosion. The Hawk Carbon brings together all the details that make the difference and that have made Alpine foils exceptional foils.
  • Thanks to its feather-weight mat and its semi-carbon aluminium fuselage, it is the lightest foil in the AlpinFoil range.

With a total weight of only 2.3 Kg with the regatta 1100, we can ensure you an optimal glide as well as a feeling of unmatched lightness.

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Which AlpineFoil foil to buy?  How to choose your foil according to its level: beginner, confirmed, expert? How much does it cost? New or used?

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Wingfoil Alpinefoil Hawk Carbon - Price 1899 euros

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