DW 1370 WING OPTION -50€ Foil + Wing Purchase

100% Carbon RTeam Wing
HA (High Aspect)
1370 cm² - 1090 mm
Windfoil / Wingfoil / Surf Foil / Sup Foil / Downwind / Pumping / DockStart

DW1370 - HA High Aspect

From 10 knots of wind in Wingfoil and 7 knots in Windfoil, it takes on the gliding concepts and profile of the DW1680 while maintaining the same wingspan, but with a narrower rope and an Ratio-aspect even higher than its big sister.

Gliding is very important on this wing, with an excellent lift/drag ratio.
The wing starts gliding super early in Wingfoil and even earlier in Windfoil.

It works well in light wind as well as in very strong wind, surfing waves is fabulous, and the wing keeps a very good handling even in strong wind.

It allows to reconnect all the small waves and reacts immediately to the slightest push in pumping.
Jibes and ledges are a formality, the wing slides and carries with virtually no traction in the sail.
Probably the most versatile wing in the DW range.

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789.00€ inc. tax

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