Carbon Mast 83cm Built-in Platine

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The ultra light and ultra rigid Carbon mast by Alpinefoil.
Thanks to the Alpinefoil MCF technology (Monobloc Continuous Carbon Fiber) this mast has a "4 Holes Plate" type case integrated directly into the fibers of the mast.
It is therefore lighter and more rigid than a classic mast with integrated case.

What are his strengths?

  • Thanks to its manufacturing process, no junction is visible between the mast and the case.
  • Its profile gives it an exceptional glide and increases the rigidity developed by the progressive width of its leading edge.
  • Indeed, this mast has a shape evolution over its entire length, thicker at case side for increased rigidity, but finer at fuselage side to keep a high glide and avoid as much as possible whistles at high speed.
  • Not to mention its weight, which is close to a simple Kilo thanks to its 100% Carbon composition and Rteam finish
  • An advanced pivot point thanks to its shape in "S-shape" which means a better retraction in curves than a much more precise handling.

In short, the Mast Platine 83 revolutionizes the range of Alpinefoil carbon mats, so don’t wait any longer and order your new mast today!

Note that the Platine Mast 83 is available for purchase with the Hawk Carbon in Wingfoil, and the Rave Air in Kitefoil.

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