Wingfoil Carbon HAWK V2.1

AlpineFoil Hawk Carbon Wingfoil - ULTRA LIGHT Carbon Wing + Carbon Stabilizer - KFBox or 4-hole Plate
Beginner to expert level

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The Wingfoil Hawk Carbon 1800/ 1450/ 1250 offers a new dimension to the Wingfoil

  • Ultra Light: 2.6 kg
  • S-Shape Mast (Original AlpineFoil anti-ventilation system)
  • Monobloc Plate-mast, continuous fiber between the mast and the plate ( plate is not glued to the mast )
  • Mast has variable profile, wider and thicker at the top for more rigidity, but thinner in the submerged area
  • Machined Fuselage out of aviation Aluminium, with an sacrificial anode
  • Compatible with all Alpinefoil foil wings since 2010 
  • Wide selection of wings from Wingfoil
  • Compatible kitefoil 
  • Made in France (Straight from the Alps)

With the DW1680 wing the departure is made at very low speed and allows to fly with very little wind conditions (less than 10 knots),
it is the first real wing of small time specifically designed for the Wingfoil with a really high level of glide

It also allows you to start, progress and touch all disciplines around the Down Wind.
Pumping is easy because the wing immediately returns energy. 

In Wing, Surf, SUP or Foil Pumping, the wing works in all these disciplines

The Cruise 1450, meanwhile, is ideal for riders in the progression phase, it has been specifically designed for the wingfoil, in order to have, speed, low range and maneuverability.
It’s a super versatile and easy wing that allows you to do everything: Freeride, Freewave, Cruising.
We find some gliding sensations similar to kitefoil.
For those who come from windsurf, just add a piece of harness and you can settle down as in windfoil by keeping the accessibility of the Wingfoil! 

This package includes: Carbon wing + carbon wingfoil stabilizer, S-shape carbon mast 83 cm, fuselage made of aviation aluminium 6061 T6 machined with 5-axis CNC with sacrificial anode against corrosion, GIS galvanic insulators, A4 stainless steel mounting hardware,  4-hole plate in 165 x 90 format compatible with Standard US Rail.


Wind Range of Wingfoil Wings

  • DW 1680 Wing (Down WInd)
    Type : ( MHA Moderate High Aspect ) 
    Wingspan : 109 cm / Surface 1680 cm2
    Minimum wind : 8/10 Knots Max 25/30
    Remark : Excellent glide: super low range, very good speed, and excellent upwind wind
    Practical : Wingfoil super light wind, Down wind, surf mini wave, and small swell, Surf foil, SUP Foil, Foil Pumping, prone foiling
    Rider level : Beginner/ Experienced/ Expert 


  • DW 1370 Wing (Down WInd)
    Type : ( HA High Aspect ) 
    Wingspan : 109 cm / Surface 1370 cm2
    Minimum wind : 10/11 Knots Max 25/30
    Remark : exceptional glide, Excellent low beach, very good speed, excellent upwind wind
    Practical : Wingfoil light wind medium wind, strong wind, Down wind, mini wave surf, and small swell, Surf foil, SUP Foil, Foil Pumping, prone foiling
    Rider level : confirmed/ Expert


  • DW 980 Wing (Down WInd)
    Type : ( HA High Aspect ) 
    Wingspan : 93 cm / Surface 980 cm2
    Minimum wind : 13/14 Knots Max 30/35
    Remark : exceptional glide, good low surface range, excellent very good speed, excellent upwind wind
    Practical : Wingfoil medium wind, strong wind, Down wind, wave surf, and small swell, Surf foil, SUP Foil, Foil Pumping, prone foiling
    Rider level : confirmed/ Expert 

** These values are given for a 75 kg rider with a confirmed level, using a 6m2 sail and an 89 litre board **

  • SURF 1800 LA (Low Aspect) Wing: 
    Minimum wind: 10/12 kns Maximum wind 25/30 kns


  • Cruise 1450 MHA (Medium High Aspect) Wing:   
    Minimum Wind 11/13 kns Maximum wind 30/35 kns


  • Cruise 1250 MHA (Medium High Aspect) Wing:
    Minimum wind 14/15 kns Maximum wind 33/37 kns


  • REGATA 1100 HA ( High Aspect) Wing: 
    Minimum wind: 12/14 kns Maximum wind 30/35 kns


  • REGATA 850 HA ( High Aspect) Wing:   
    Minimum Wind 13/15 kns Maximum wind 33/37 kns


  • REGATA 580 HA ( High Aspect) Wing:
    Minimum wind 16/18 kns Maximum wind 35/40 kns



Pierre Demonsant

Pierre Demonsant

Kite & Wing Rider

Cruise 1450 Reviews - Wingfoil Hawk Carbon
I confirm the wing has a finer profile than most other marks, so the 1450 has the speed of a 1000 elsewhere

Kaf Banjoo

Kaf Banjoo

Kite & Wing Rider

Hi Gliders and gliders Alpinophiles For those who wonder the differences in wing behavior between Alpine Foil Regatta 1100 front wing and the new Hawk Cruise 1450 ( and also the 1250) Here’s My feeling: the new 1450 will turn shorter, the glide is slower and longer in flight without a wing. On the other hand, the stall is really at low speed which allows peaceful carving without breaking. If you press a little the speed is really high for this size. necessarily a little less upwind than the regatta but more pleasant in the swell because tolerates at low speed and more reactive pumping ... the small swell is exploited. I was also able to test the 1250 which can be a good compromise for lightweight templates with a behavior close to the 1450 with late stall and a very good acceleration to have fun or to follow the swell . Here An example of cruising carving at moderate speed with the 1450.Good ride to all!


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