Carbon Mast RAVE AIR 80

76/80cm - 100% Carbon - KFBox
Kitefoil / Wingfoil

Carbon mast RAVE AIR 80

Carbon mast compatible with the range of RAVE / ULTIMATE / TITANIUM / ZENOS foils

Integrated KF-Box system MC-Box (Monobloc carbon box) - High Module M40J CARBON AIR technology
S-Shape technology, which provides a gain in maneuverability and precision while maintaining the lightness and rigidity of the AIR range

total length : 83 CM
effective length : 79 CM 

Transform your current foil into a pure Wave and Freeride foil.
Ultra maneuverable and super light thanks to CARBON AIR technology 

Open the doors to surfing and multi-discipline KITEFOIL, WINGFOIL, SURFFOIL, SUPFOIL 
All with the same base thanks to the different dedicated wings.

All Alpinefoil masts are delivered with their fixing screws.

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The trend and the craze for FREERIDE those last past years pushed us to propose you a Carbon Mast which will be able to fill the followers of this practice but also to be suitable for beginners thanks to a shorter and ultra light mast.

Our New Carbon Mast AIR 80 take the S-Shape lines from RAVE or ULTIMATE to significantly reduce the cavitation phenomenon, its design high strength carbon M40J will bring you exceptionnal rigitdity for better accuracy in your turns.

Combine this mast with our WAVE 1200 wing and you get the ultimate weapon for breaking waves !

Also, open the fields of possibilities with the prospect of practising WINGFOIL by combining it with our wings dedicated to practice!



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