Wingfoil Sail OZONE WASP V3

Ozone is a brand little known in France in the world of Wingfoil. It’s a shame because Ozone is probably the brand that has one of the biggest sailing design experiences in the world.
The brand is on all the podiums in Paragliding, Kitefoil, Kitesurf, and Wing abroad. 

It is one of the only brands in the world to have its own factory. Still today, many major have not chosen this voice and are using subcontracting.
This choice to master the production allows them to have a much more successful manufacturing both in terms of quality and prototype to be realized to go to the completion of the product.
They have the opportunity to produce a lot of prototypes and make their products as reliable as possible before marketing them.

The design of the sails is entrusted to the best designers of the world, many of whom are French.
Ozone has a phenomenal lead in paragliding and this know-how has been transferred to the Kitefoil sailing range but also to that of Wingfoil.
Ozone is developing its own sailing design software that allows you to get out of the standard software that everyone uses.

Ozone in Wingfoil is extremely famous in the USA, especially in California, San Francisco, Australia, and New Zealand, you can see them everywhere there.
In France and in the Wingfoil domain the brand is underrepresented, which is a shame because the products are hyper-finished.

In the world of paragliding their notoriety is such that it is sometimes necessary to wait about ten months to obtain a sail 

The WASP V3 is in the perfect line of ozone products, the quality of manufacture is impeccable and the incredible level of finish is the "Rolls" of wingfoil sails.

The Profile of the Wasp V3 brings a lot of power to the start while leaving the sail in the strong and gusty wind.

The sail is probably one of the most rigid wing sails on the market while retaining soft handles that allow easy folding in the bag.
Ozone chose the best materials (Triple Ripstop and Triple Ripstop Dacron) from Tejiin, it is a fabric with 3 threads per mesh instead of two.
The level of rigidity and solidity is again pushed this year thanks to this material.

The wing is very light, it holds in the air almost all by itself and the hand passages are very easy.

The WASP V3 excels in all conditions and disciplines. It is easy and intuitive to use.

The V3 brings improvements to the handles with even more rigidity, to the windows for better visibility without compromising rigidity, to the waist leash strap, to the materials and to the various sizes of sails more and more complete.

Caracteristics :

• Spi Teijin TechnoForce Triple Ripstop & Teijin Triple Ripstop Dacron
• Internal Reinforcements
• Reinforced leading edge and slat
• Reinforced trailing edge
• Single bladder construction
• High flow inflation/deflation valves
• Double inflation/deflation valves (on leading edge and slat)
• Ergonomic handles
• Windows
• Waist leash with swivel
• Harness buckle hook

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Color :
  • Condition : new
  • Manufacturer : Ozone


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