Kitefoil RAVE AIR 80 - Titanium

Kitefoil AlpineFoil Rave Air 80 titanium version - RTeam carbon wing + RTeam stabilizer - KF-Box integrated in the mast
Beginner to expert level

Kitefoil AlpineFoil RAVE AIR 80 Titanium

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2 695.00€ inc. tax

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2 695.00€ inc. tax


New AlpineFoil: After the release of the Rave, a pure freeride foil, Alpine completes its range with this new freeride, wave, freestyle and jump foil with the all new AlpineFoil Air technology which gives it lightness, maneuverability and robustness.

This new foil is aimed at a very wide audience ranging from beginner to experienced riders and followers of disciplines more demanding in terms of behavior of the foil. Unique sensations with this new generation of foil for all practices: Kite foil, Wind foil, Wing foil, Surf foil, Sup Foil, Wake foil.

This titanium version is aimed at Big Air and Woo enthusiasts with this light and dynamic foil completely revisited with AlpineFoil Air technology. Among other things, it has made it possible to review the weight, rigidity, size and brings to this foil the dynamics necessary for practice: reactivity, maneuverability, impressive pop, considerable reduction in inertia favoring tricks and rotation.

In short, all the technology has been adapted at Alpine Foil to better match the evolution of practices and multidiscipline.

The short and ultra rigid fuselage, the 80 cm mast combined with the Race 580 wing brings all the necessary ingredients to reach new heights!
In addition to being ultra resistant the Titanium fuselage is insensitive to corrosion and therefore requires no maintenance.

The Kitefoil RAVE AIR 80 Titanium is nervous, ultra dynamic and with no inertia.


It excels in freeride, tight curve, swell descent, wave surfing, transition and jump. Its homogeneous and healthy behavior also allows it to accompany the beginner rider who quickly benefits from the sensations that the Rave Air has to offer and who can follow him for a long time later in the evolution of his practice.

This Big Air signature allows this foil to cover the expectations of sensations and requirements for multiple practices. Thanks to its 80 cm mast, the RAVE Air 80 is the must for freeride, wave but it is also perfectly suited for beginners.

So keep in mind for this ultra light and dynamic foil made in France: exceptional agility and pop

In short, go to the page for all the details of this extraordinary foil and the choice of your wings

This package includes: RTeam carbon wing Wave 700, Wave 1200, Lift 800, Race 580 or GT 480 + RTeam carbon stabilizer in matt varnish + RTeam S shape carbon mast 80 cm with integrated box in matt varnish finish, 69 cm titanium fuselage CNC machined 5 axis, GIS shims, A4 Torx stainless steel mounting hardware.




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